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November 2011 Summary — 10 Comments

  1. hi Richard

    why had the alpari.mini two trades and the alpari.classic only one?
    same company.. and data, maybe spread,… ?


  2. Hi Siegfried,

    I often see differences like that on my Alpari accounts. It may happen because one order gets rejected i.e. requote, or trade server disconnection. It all depends on how quick the trade order gets to the server, how much order congestion there is, and how fast the price is moving.

    Despite these variations, I’ve found that my Mini and Classic accounts perform similarly over time.

  3. I think it is important to note something with these results. I have used Md for some time, I use MB Trading as my primary. I do so because though you may recognize you do not get the top profit spot every time (though you normally get the upper 95% with MBT) its the control of the losses that carry the day. Its when things go bad for a day or two that wipes out an entire month of work. I know how mesmerizing it is for new users to look at the profit and say “I want #1 broker” but in reality look at the fast moving days that go against you. You will consistently see that MB Trading with their ECN technology allows far greater control of the trade and thus reduction of loss.

  4. Hi Craig,

    You’ve made some really good points.

    I just had another look through my June, July, and August losing months, and MB trading was actually about the best performer over that period, losing a total of only around 35 pips. By contrast FxPro lost around 190 pips over the same period!

    August 2011
    July 2011
    June 2011

    As you point out, controlling losses is absolutely crucial with this strategy, especially when you consider the size of Megadroid losses are large (60 to 100 pips) compared to it’s profit trades (0 to 15 pips). It’s easy to forget how devastating losses can be when we’re in a profit period like now.

    I also like MB trading as a broker. I started using them about 5 years ago when they only had the MB Navigator platform. I still use their MB Navigator platform for manual trades. The other broker I use for manual trading is Interactive Brokers, but their platform is bit more cumbersome. I generally avoid MT4 brokers for manual trading because of slow/poor execution and their tendency to manipulate the trading environment.

  5. Turned out to be another profitable month. I’ve recovered all my losses from June, July and August which is good.

    However, there was a fair bit of variability in the trade performance at my various brokers in November. FxSol performed very poorly for some reason. That account opened a trade that none of the other accounts got, that ended in a full stop.

  6. Richard,
    Sorry for the late response. I agree and actually use the MBT Pro as well however I am now testing out MB Trading’s new Commission Free Plan. Not sure if you have looked at it yet but it currently is only available on Meta4. I spent a great deal of time learning the MBT Meta vs MBT Pro with one of their trainers. I understand what they did and do in fact trust the method as Meta is NOT the execution agent for the trade, its just a user interface. I have requested though that they do the zero commission for the MBT Pro as well.

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