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Megadroid Results: Thur 10th Nov 2011 — 19 Comments

  1. The last two days I have got duplicate trades eg yesterday 2x strategy 2 and today 2xS1 and 2xS1. The duplication occurs at precisely the same time. Is this normal? I haven’t seen this happening so often before. This is only happening with Go Markets. Is it because I am now taking position sizes > 10 Lots and it is splitting the SL?

  2. Hi Aspro,

    Duplicate trades aren’t normal.

    However, you could get duplicate trades if you’ve attached Megadroid to 2 separate charts on the same MT4 terminal.

    But with the EA attached to one chart, there should at most only be one trade of each strategy type open at any point in time.

    Impact of positions size?

    Not sure. But I guess there’s a chance the broker processes larger orders differently, causing a delay in the order being opened. That could potentially cause a problem. If that’s the problem, trading 1/2 the size using 2 sub accounts might be a solution.

  3. Hi Ling,

    It’s a bit suspicious. I finally got a trade on that account as well. Perhaps they were blocking trades.

    I think it’s good that we’re all watching these brokers closely. These situations do happen from time to time.

  4. Hi Richard,
    Thanks for your previous help on the trade times of Megadroid, I have seen some trades now on the demo accounts. I am starting to look to go live, with all your trades on different brokers so far, which one would you suggest are the top 3 brokers for megadroid.
    Thanks alot.

  5. Re double trades:

    I found this on the web site of the VPS I use. Others may find this helpful:

    Causes of the double trading issue from EA’s

    (a) It’s possible if you put your EA on to two charts simultaneously.

    (b) You are not using the correct shortcut to your VPS in order to connect as the console session of the Administrator

    (c) There is a second session of MetaTrader running in the background (use Terminal Services Manager to see if that is the case)

    The reason that happens is because for each incoming tick, the two MetaTraders (obviously running the same EA) opened the trade simultaeously, without having the chance to see that an order was already opened under that symbol and MagicNumber (because that was only discovered on the next tick, which is too late).

    In order to see that, this is why it is very important to set a unique magic number for every EA

    (d) You are running MetaTrader on your VPS as well as running it at home. This is the most frequent issue, where people setup a VPS with their EA and then they forget about disabling the expert running in MetaTader on their home computer.

    (e) There is an issue with the EA’s DLL file (a coding issue for example). However this is very rare.

    (f) If you installed or re-installed AutoBoot and selected “for all users” and then by accident logged in the wrong way (with the wrong shortcut) and did not reboot.

  6. Hi Maqsood,

    Just looking at my Monthly Results, most of my accounts have done well over the past 3 months, but the Alpari mini and InterbankFx US account’s have probably done the best. The InterbankFx AU account has been missing a few trades recently for some reason..

    There’s not much between the others, apart from FxSol which is under performing compared to the other accounts for some reason.

  7. Hi Aspro,

    Thank’s very much for posting that information. Very interesting.

    There’s certainly a few potential causes related to VPS use. I use servers for other types of trading, and it’s very easy to have 2 sessions running without knowing it, if one session wasn’t terminated correctly i.e. the RDC window is closed rather than logging out of the session. It can also happen if you lose connection to the server and then reconnect again. Windows will generally connect to the already running VPS session, but sometimes it opens a new session and leaves the other one running in the background.

    For these reasons it’s a good idea to check the Task Manager after you logon to make sure only one session is running.

    I personally only run my Megadroid terminals from a home computer, which stays on most of the time. This is probably why I never experience the double trade problem.

  8. No trades on my ActivTrades account. Apparently other ActivTrades users have had some trades (i.e. SiegFried), thus it’s a bit odd, but with MD it’s often very difficult to understand this as I didn’t have any outage (VPS in UK, ActivTrades servers in UK, no other MD instances, etc.)

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