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Megadroid Results: Tues 15th Nov 2011 — 26 Comments

  1. I’m completely disappointed. ActivTrades – 80 pips on my account ! I think I will never understand these differences whereas I’m on a VPS in UK with a UK broker

    S1 Buy: 22:04 1.3528 -> 22:52 1.3538 +10 pips
    S2 Buy: 23:52 1.3525 -> 03:33 1.3446 – 79 pips

    I think I will create different broker accounts as of today to disperse risks.
    Anyone has the same performance ?

  2. Hi Silver,

    I’m surprised by that result. I didn’t get any losses today. I only got one S1 trade, but didn’t get any S2 trades.

    Is there a chance your MT4 terminal lost connection during the trade? Might be worthwhile checking the MT4 log just in case. It is possible the trade didn’t close in profit if the MT4 terminal was not connected at the time.

  3. SiegFried can you tell me when your S2 has been opened and closed? It seems that ActivTrades has been the only broker with which a s2 trade has been opened

    In my journal tab I’ve got different “login” messages at 04:00 am, but I’ve got this message everyday, at the same time, it should be an auto deconnection on ActivTrades side.

  4. S1 Buy: 22:04 1.3528 -> 22:52 1.3538 +10 pips
    S2 Buy: 23:52 1.3525 -> 03:33 1.3446 –79 pips

    these are my results on activtrades.uk

    no vps, home-pc running overnight from germany

    wiped out 4 weeks of profits 🙁

  5. there are several “37584:login” entries in the journal that night at 4:34 am local time, this was one hour after trade ran into stop loss.

  6. Hello men
    I have got -88 pips on my live FinFX account too. It was very strange.I have sent email to support and waiting for request.I dont understand the reason of such different results.
    S2 Buy 00:52 1.35247 -> 04:47 1.34367 -88pips 🙁

  7. Strange how some of us got a loss.

    From what I’ve read the losing trade was a S2 trade that occurred on the ActivTrades, FinFx and Pepperstone brokers.

    I didn’t get that S2 trade signal on any of my accounts. Perhaps if I did, I would have got the same loss. Maybe there was something different on the price feeds of those brokers that caused them to generated a S2 trade.

  8. I didn’t get it on my FinFX demo account. It normally tracks well with your live accounts such as the Alpari UK and InterbankFx.


  9. Hi Richard,
    I also had a very bad S2 trade on Ikon Royal:-
    S1 buy +10 pips
    S2 buy -87 pips
    It is strange. I had a very good October +145 pips on this account and then this!!

  10. Hi Chris,

    I’ve noticed that I occasionally get losses on one account but not others.

    For example, on the 24th I got a 64 pip loss on FxSol that no one else got.


    It’s hard to know why these losses occur on some brokers. Sometimes the historical price data at brokers is different and this can cause a Megadroid trade signal on one broker and not others. At other times excessive slippage prevents a trade being closed that subsequently goes onto a full loss.

    Regardless of the reason, if I see a large loss on one broker and not others, that usually makes me suspicious of that broker. That’s one reason why I record my trades carefully.

    The thing with Megadroid that’s not really appreciated, is that the containment of the losses is probably more important than the profit trades. This is because the losses, while less frequent, are much larger (50 to 100 pips) than the profit trades (1 to 15 pips).

    Craig made a good point about the important of loss minimisation.

    (see comment http://www.megadroidresults.com/2011/11/02/november-2011-summary/comment-page-1/#comment-5937)

    He made the point that MB Trading’s losses tended to be much less during losing months (e.g. June, July, Aug this year) compared to others, even though it’s profit’s weren’t always at the top of the list during the profit months.

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