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Megadroid Results: Thur 24th Nov 2011 — 12 Comments

  1. The MB Trading trade opened latter and closed latter than the others for some reason. That account usually goes offline at around 5PM EST because of rollover. That might be the explanation.

  2. Richard same thing than me a few days ago on my standard activtrades account. Is it a 4 digits account? Since i moved to a interbank account no problem on my side

  3. Hi Silver,

    4 digit account at FxSol. They’ve been my worst performer this month. Luckily only 1 of my 10 accounts got the loss, so the overall damage was limited.

  4. Yes, I don’t see any link between different huge losses and 4 digit accounts for the time being, but it’s interesting to see that we had the same issue with two different 4 digits accounts.
    Let’s check in the future if it reproduces again on 4 digits…


  5. my question is the following, why those results aren’t posted every day, i mean the last one was on 28 NOV. in fact the last open postion in my live account was in 24 NOV.
    being more specific. the days that there is a publication is the days that the robots work. the others days that there is not publication (like today) is that was normal that the robot was paused?

  6. Hi Jorge,

    My last trade was on the 28th of November, that’s why I haven’t posted any results since then.

    Megadroid will only place a trade if it gets a trade signal, and that depends on the price action on the EUR/USD pair between 4PM and 6PM EST.

    We’ve had no signals for just over a week now. That sometimes happens.

    If you look through my Monthly Results, you’ll see that the monthly trade counts vary from around 4 to 16 per month. The average is about 7-8 per month. We’ve had high trade counts for the past few months. The quietest month I can remember was last February.

    It all depends on the price action. So far December has been quiet but that could change.

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