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Megadroid Version 1.38 – Update — 29 Comments

  1. Here the answer I got from Megadroid at my question if we first need to test and what the release notes are:

    Answer Megadroid support:
    Currently both 1.37 and 1.38 version are working, so there is no need in update. We’ll inform our customers about the changes in the newer version via e-mail subscription as soon as possible.

    I changed my demo accounts to V1.38. My Live account is still V1.37

  2. just recieved from Megadroid:
    Here’s what changed in this version:

    1) We’ve developed a workaround for a MetaTrader bug that loses trades
    during the OrderClose process
    2) Some additional trading logic has been added to the DLL
    3) We’ve added functionality for the upcoming Members Area updates
    4) RemoteSafetyMode is now respected during back-testing

  3. Wondering what trading logic has been added? 1.37 was working perfectly fine with RemoteSafetyMode on. Hope its better and not worst

  4. Hi Ross,

    Not sure. It’s always very hard to assess whether any strategy changes make an improvement or not, because any future deteriorating performance could just as easily be due to the market conditions rather than strategy changes.

    No doubt the developers have put a lot of thought into the changes they’ve made based on backtesting and forward testing.

    Thus far I haven’t had any updates that have had an obvious negative impact on performance.

  5. Hi Richard,

    I was wondering if they ever plan on implementing a trailing stop or profit to their EA. 120 pips MAX SL is still a bit too risky and the average trades rarely goes down 100 pips.

  6. Hi Ross,

    Megadroid does have a high Risk:Reward ratio (i.e. wins are 1 to 15 pips, and stops 50 to 100 pips), but this is offset by the high % win rate, which is around 85 to 90%. This is typical for scalper type strategies. A strategy can still be profitable with such large stops, so long as the percentage win rate remains high i.e above 85% or so. Megadroid will generally be profitable so long as the stops are on average 1-2 months apart at least.

    Trailing stops

    It’s probably not much use with Megadroid, because it’s a scalper strategy with a relatively small take profit i.e. 10 to 15 pips at most.

    Trailing stops are sometimes beneficial for longer term strategies with a large profit target.

  7. Vendors should publish the backtest results with the RSM on. It is something we have all been wondering about and it would add to Richards forward testing. Presumably it gives an added edge otherwise they wouldn’t have introduced RSM.

  8. My MD keeps changing to Authentication Failure status. I run 2 live accounts on a VPS and both show this. What’s the problem?

  9. @Cav:
    It’s not de Megadroid update…it’s the low market volatility at Megadroids tradetime, I guess…. I think during and/or after the Top with Merkel and Sarkosi the volatility will increase again.

    I’m still running @1.37 at my live accounts also no trade since 25nov.
    At my demo accounts I’m running @1.38 and also no trade since 25nov.

  10. I tend to agree with Peter. I think the recent lack of trades is due to a lack of volatility.

    This does happen from time to time.

    I remember when the Megadroid trades almost completely dried up around mid January this year. We barely got any trades for around 6 weeks.

    It can be frustrating, but that’s just part of strategy based trading i.e. there’ll be profitable periods, losing periods, and quiet periods. We’ve had the full spectrum in 2011.

  11. Well…frustrating, you can say that Richard! Last week I finished my testperiod with Megadroid and decided to go Live at 1 dec. From that time I’m just waiting for my first live trade with Megadroid. Well it’s my destiny I believe 😉 I need to be patient right now…

  12. Hi Mike,

    Correct, but 10 brokers is excessive.

    Most people that have been trading Megadroid for a while tend to have 2-3 brokers. The advantage of doing that is if that one broker account gets a spurious loss, the overall average isn’t as effected as much. However the disadvantage is the extra cost of the Megadroid licence.

  13. I changed my live account to 1.38 while the EA was telling me “Trading is disabled” I needed to update to version 1.38.

    So version 1.37 isn’t working anymore!!

  14. Richard,

    The EA was telling me that trading was disabled and that I had to upgrade to version 1.38! So, yes Megadroid disabled the superceede version.

    Yesterdayevening there was also the Trading disabled message as you discribed…well correct..that’s the RemoteSafetyMode” message

  15. hi guys ive always had good luck with mega droid used it for a few months, made some money and cashed it out.. just re started yesterday, and already ive had my 1st live trade.. albeit it was only 1.88 but on a $250 account what do you expect.. plus im running with max edd settings that seem to make your risk/reward greater… it work with a $500 account.. i cant see why it wont work with this one.. plus theyve upgraded to v 1.38 so i think its a good thing…

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