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Megadroid Results: Thur 22nd Dec 2011 — 19 Comments

  1. That’s my last trade for the year.

    I’ll be doing some small trades next week as a test and I’ll post my results in this blog. I’ll resume normal trading in the New Year.

    Have a great Christmas everyone!

  2. i will follow your advise richard, this also will be my last trade of the year. by the way is amazing how the robot worked in liteforex today, being that in alpari and interbankFx there were not trades.-

  3. I have a FinFx trade that’s still open right now. It’s a sell order that’s down about -21 pips. We’ll see if it recovers. Also had a trade on InterbankFx that was closed for +0.8 pips. Both are demo accounts.


  4. Also have a current trade with Axitrader still open , funny though Richard your entry was 1.30553 where mine was 1.30507 and currently still running. Hope it will come back down to breakeven

  5. I honestly think broker was doing some thing just now, how could under the same broker be slipped 5 pips ? its been so table throughout the year until today. Back to the old drawing board then

  6. Hi Tokz,

    I just checked my FxPro Log. I found this message:

    2011.12.22 17:06:34 Megadroid EURUSD,H1: Sell operation failed – error(138): requote attempts: 1

    Looks like I missed the trade because of a requote. That’s probably why I didn;t get that loss.

  7. Hi Richard,

    I had the same message (Sell operation failed) but at Alpari UK Classic. It was actually luck as it would end up in loss, possibly SL.

  8. It seems there was a very fine line between a break-even result and a -45 pip loss today.

    I checked my Go Markets account log. There were no error messages to explain why I didn’t get a trade there, apart from lots of “spread exceeded” messages.

    My Alpari accounts had this message “2011.12.22 17:06:32 MegaDroid EURUSD,H1: Sell operation failed – error(138): requote attempts: 1”, which is why I didn’t get trades there. I had a similar message at FxPro.

    I assume the price was moving fast at the time of the Megadroid signal, hence the requotes, variable slippage and trade results.

  9. Mine interbank Au hit a stop loss about -43.69 pips. I checked back the records and see no any sign of re-quote or slipage. Anyone facing the same issue who has using interbank Au?

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