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Trade Results: Week 26th to 29th Dec 2011 (Evaluation) — 5 Comments

  1. Well, it turned out to be an uneventful week.

    If you had RSM disabled, you’d probably have made 9-10 pips. If you had RSM enabled, you wouldn’t have got any trades.

    The spreads were a bit crazy on Monday, often around 30 pips, but otherwise they were close to normal.

    I’ll resume normal trading on all of my Megadroid accounts next week.

  2. You’re welcome guys.

    Hope everyone has a fantastic new year.

    Thank you to everyone for posting their results. Hopefully all this information has helped people “fine tune” their broker selection, and at the same time understand how this strategy really performs in good and bad times.

    In my view, it’s really important to have a 6-12 month outlook with this strategy, and not to trade too aggressively because of the inevitable losing months.

    It’s been a “interesting” year for Megadroid,

    This is how I see it:

    January – February
    – Very quiet

    March to May
    – Decent profit months

    June to August
    – Difficult losing months, with economic instability in the US (debt situation) and EU (Greece)

    September to November
    – Very good profit months, with high trade counts.

    – Very quiet, a bit like the start of the year

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