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Megadroid Results: Wed 11th Jan 2012 — 5 Comments

  1. No trades @FinFx for me.

    Richard, I noticed some behavior in MD and don’t know how to interpreted it…maybe you?!

    If you look @at experts within Metatrader MD only write info there arround trading time. If spread is to high it’s seen there…but it only write info there arround trading time. Yesterday it wasn’t writing any info there. Also not arround trading-time.

    I also see that arround-trading time it is writing info there. but after a while it stops with writing info. I also never saw a trade without this writing info!

    So my question is: is it right that if MD isn’t writing info there…it is deactivated at that time?!

  2. Hi Peter,

    MT4 EA’s, like Megadroid, can write log messages that appear under the “Experts” tab, by calling the mql4 “Print” function in their code.

    Without having access to the code, I’m unsure as to when the Megadroid EA writes messages there. I assume it writes messages during the trading period, but it might also write some messages outside this period. It really depends on how they wrote the code. It might be perfectly normal for it not to be writing messages there at some times.

    The Megadroid “Authenticated” message on the chart will tell you if Megadroid is activated and ready for trading.

  3. Hi Richard,

    that’s right, it’s all about how MD wrote the code. And yes as “Authenticated” is seen on the chart it’s activated. But we all know that MD isn’t trading arround the clock and is having a very small time-frame.

    What I think and that would be very normal is the following:
    -They use a trading time-frame as basic and within that time-frame they check some indicators. The results of those indicaters trigger’s de EA for looking to other indicaters for waiting for the best setup…and with that it’s going to write some things in the Expert-tap cq. logging.

    The conclusion is then that….if MD isn’t writing any logging is internally disabled and so there is no need expect atrade form MD.

    I know you don’t know how MD is programmed but maybe you noticed the same as behaviour what could indicate I’m right. And if so… then I can relax during trading-time if MD stopped trading because they internally shutdown MD 😉

  4. I’m not sure Peter.

    I’ve always assumed that Megadroid was activated if the “Authenticated” message was displayed.

    I haven’t noticed any relationship between Megadroid activation and Log Message activity before.

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