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Megadroid Results: Thur 12th Jan 2012 — 17 Comments

  1. Hi Richard. I had two S1 buys with Ikon Royal this morning. Is this normal?
    S1 buy 23:00 1.2818 > 23:46 1.2825 10 pips
    S1 buy 23:59 1.2815 > 01:00 1.2818 3 pips

  2. Hi Chris,

    It’s not normal for more that one S1 or S2 type trade to be open an once, but you can have numerous consecutive trades of either type during a trading session.

    It looks like you got a 2nd S1 trade after the first one closed, so that’s normal.

  3. Hi Carol,

    That’s an unusual result. There’s often variation in trade results, but on this day no one else reported a full loss.

    One possible explanation could be that your trading platform lost connection around the time Megadroid would have closed the trade. The log messages on the MT4 terminal should be able to tell you if this was the case.

    Also look for other messages under the “Experts Tab” that might indicate why Megadroid was unable to close the trade. It’s possible the broker’s trade server rejected the close trade request for some reason.

    Another possible explanation, is that the order was slipped significantly when it opened, which meant the take profit level wasn’t reached.

  4. Hi Richard,

    I’m just curious if the IBFX account is a standard account and if you find the 50:1 leverage to be restrictive at all. Great site!


  5. Hi Sandy,

    My “InterbankFx” account is a US account, and has 1:50 leverage as you pointed out. It’s a mini account. The server it’s connected to is “IBFX-MT4 Mini-4”.

    I personally don’t find 1:50 leverage restrictive, because my money management is quite conservative (i.e. I trade fixed lots and don’t compound). Having a lower leverage account just means I need to maintain a larger account balance to open the trade size I want.

    If I were trading more aggressively, I’d imagine 1:50 might be restrictive though.

  6. Thank You. That information about trading set up was quite helpful. I’m beginning to understand why there has been so little growth in the account. Market conditions have just not been right for the robot to enter a trade. I guess no trade is better than a loss.

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