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Megadroid Results: Mon 23rd Jan 2012 — 20 Comments

  1. Hi Richard,
    have you dropped Go Markets?
    BTW I got the same number of trades as you this year on Go Markets, but more than 20 pips less.

  2. FinFX Trade 1 7.6 pips sell
    Trade 2 9.7 pips buy

    FXDD Trade 1 5.0 pips sell
    Trade 2 11 pips sell
    Trade 3 11 pips buy

    Total 44.3 pips

    Very nice.

  3. Has anyone got a buy ourder still open on go markets?
    I have one open but i suspect i may have lost internet around the time it would have closed.

  4. very nice evening!! The best I evver had with MD 😀

    But I think a lucky one!! Because during MD trading there was news from Greece…luckily we where at the right side with our trade!! Because of this news I closed my 3th trade manually at just 2.7pips… unfortunally I didn’t get the TP… but oke… profit is profit 😀

    11,7 + 10,5 + 2,7 = 24,9

    If I didn’t closed the last trade manually… I was close at 30pips profit this evening.

  5. Thanks Richard,

    The trade colsed itself in the end. I got the about same GoM results that albatore got (+0.8 pips). Have to wait until I get home to see if any technical reason for it or if it was just how it decided to trade today.
    Eitehr way a +ive trade is alway appreciated.

  6. Richard,

    Is it true that MD isn’t trading at the last 3 days of the month? For this month that would be ment (if it’s true) that there is no activity at 30 and 31 Jan?!

    If so do you know the reason for that “setting”

    Best regards, Peter

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