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Megadroid Results: Thur 26th Jan 2012 — 23 Comments

  1. Hello Richard
    I also buy forex mega droid but my experience is not so well like you. I use light forex and real thig is my robot is not made a trade in 20 business days at all.Can u help me by providing ur suggestion so that i know what to do with this robot.

  2. Hi Istiaque,

    It sounds like you might not have Megadroid set up correctly.

    Have you tried contacting Megadroid Support? (support@forex-megadroid.com)

    They should be able to help.

  3. Thanks for ur suggestion Richard.But the pity thing is i tried to send them message but no replay for them. I ask for another robot suggestion from you which really work on any trading platform. Can u help me Richard?

  4. Hi Istiaque,

    Make sure…

    1. The “Authenticated” message is displayed on the chart

    2. The Megadroid EA is attached to a EUR/USD chart set to the 1 hour time frame

    3. Make sure there’s a “smily face” on the upper right corner of the chart. That means the EA is running

    4. The MT4 platform is running between 4PM and 6PM EST (NY Time) because that’s when it places the trades

    You can find detailed installation instructions in the manual: http://forex-megadroid.com/access/MegaDroid.pdf

  5. I also have purchased the MegaDroid. I have yet to get rid of the no authentication (160) message and no smiley face in the chart. Four days now and no response from the support people. I have reviewed and installed everything required. I am at a loss now and need some help.


  6. Hi Bill,

    The “no authentication” message suggests either the ClickBank receipt number hasn’t been entered correctly, or hasn’t been detected as a valid number by Megadroid’s server for some reason.

    Make sure you enter your exact ClickBank receipt code in the “ReceiptCode” field. Assuming you’ve done that correctly, it may be a problem at their end.

    I’d keep trying to contact support.

    This is the support email I use: support{at]forex-megadroid.com

    In the past I’ve generally received a response within 24-48 hours, so I’m a bit surprised about the delay. Perhaps they’re having some issues.

    While unlikely, I guess another possibility could be that you have a local firewall blocking the authentication process. You’ve probably already done this, but also make sure you’re running the latest version (V 1.38) and it’s attached to the EURUSD chart set to 1 hour timeframe, and have enabled EA trading and DLL import on the MT4 terminal Tools>Options>Expert Advisors settings.

  7. Richard, Thanks for your input. I have done as you have suggested. I do have a smiley face but the “no authentication”. I have reentered and no affect as yet.

  8. Hi Bill,

    By what you’re describing, it’s sounding like your Clickbank receipt number isn’t being recognised by Megadroid’s authentication server.

    Keep trying to contact support. They should be able to fix that problem.

    Fortunately you haven’t missed any good trades this week – it’s been pretty quiet so far.

  9. I know there is a service that will set Megadroid up on a remote server but I cannot remember who it is.
    Help with a site please

  10. Hi Bill,


    I don’t know of any service, but I’d recommend that you learn to do it yourself, because it’ll save you money plus you’ll be able to fix any problems if they arise.

    It’s actually very easy to setup. You just need to purchase a Windows VPS server (they cost around $40 per month), and connect to it from your home PC using the Windows Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) application. Once you’re logged in, just install the MT4 platform with Megadroid like you would on your home computer. That’s pretty much it.

    “Micro Pip”

    Micro pip just means a fractional pip or 10th the size of the standard pip.

    So for EUR/USD, the standard pip size is 0.0001 and the fractional or micro pip is 0.00001. Most MT4 brokers have changed over to fractional pips.

  11. I emailed support this morning, they messaged me back saying that the 1.40 was just a typo on the download page, and that nothing had been rolled back etc.

  12. It’s changed today. Now displays version 1.41 and the Megadroid.ex4 date is 15th June.

    Yesterday it said 1.40, and the downloaded file was 11th Dec 12. Must have been a site glitch I guess.

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