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February 2012 Summary — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Richard,

    Have you ever summarized results for each broker considering other time frames as last 3 months, last 6 months, last year and all history for each broker?

    Looking at monthly results we notice that each month we have a different broker performing better… maybe looking in the medium or long term we can see clearly one or two brokers as the best ones?

    Just an idea… let me know your thoughts.

  2. hi Roger, I have done the following analysis:
    Pips/Month for last 16 months
    MB 20.94
    Go M 13.31
    IBFX 21.44
    IBFX AU 21.06
    FXPro 17.84
    ALPm1 19.19
    ALPm2 19.31
    FXDD 15.67
    AXiT 22.00

  3. This is very interesting.

    The variation between brokers isn’t really different in the long term…. but what we can see clearly is that MD consistently makes an average profit of about 20 pips/month in the long term. This is definitely an indication that it’s being worth to use MD, even facing the eventual stopped order that happens sometimes…. well… as long as this pattern doesn’t change.

    Thanks for the analysis!

  4. Hi Roger,

    I’ve never summarised my results beyond a Monthly summary. I personally mostly focus on the past 3- 6 months of Monthly trade results when looking at broker performance. I guess a longer term summary would be interesting.

    The thing I look for is consistently low trade counts (e.g. FxSol), or frequent spurious losses that other accounts don’t get (e.g. GO markets).

    The loss period (June 11′ to Aug 11′) is also very interesting. While all my accounts lost, MB trading was by far the best performer over that difficult period. The MB trading accounts trades a fair bit differently that the other accounts.

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