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Megadroid Results: Wed 15th Feb 2012 — 30 Comments

  1. I just added my Axitrader trade. It closed a bit latter than the others.

    All my positions are closed.

    I keep missing trades on my IBFX AU account. Still don’t know why.

  2. richard, 1.30690 was the entry price, I think that’s correct, I got slipped on entry… Now I’m gonna keep it open until I make some profits

  3. Hi Daniel,

    That’s significant slippage. The problem with excessive slippage is that the closing take profit is further away, and that means trades stay open for longer which increases the chances of a full loss.

  4. Richard…. My IBFX AU server is IBFXAU-MT4-IS02

    So perhaps it’s the fact that its a different server. Might be worth a email to IBFX AU support.

    Let me know what they say. (monitor your website every day)

  5. Hi Mark,

    I don’t think the poor performance on that account is due to Trade Station’s acquisition because my US IBFX account works fine.

    It just seems the server my AU account is on misses some trades. I might see if I can get it changed. Perhaps the IM01 server is heavily loaded.

  6. Hi Richard,

    You’re probably right about it being a server issue. Thought there may have been a lack of communication and/or execution during the transition since you hadn’t had any prior problems.

  7. I’m in the US and I find that I cannot open an account with several of the better performing (according to Richard’s stats) brokers. I have an FXDD account and will be opening an IBFX account as well. Any suggestions on other US brokers? Thank you all.


  8. hey guys,

    I left my position open and modify the stop loss and top profit, thankfully today was good and it closed 1.3060 +20.1 pips…. lucky??? it could be more, but 20 pips is great!!!

  9. I emailed IBFX AU asking them if it is possible to change my login server. And this is their reply:

    Thank you for contacting IBFX with your questions. The server your account has been put on is assigned at the time the account is opened. At this time it is not possible to move your account to another server because we only have one server for mini accounts in our AU office. The other server has been set up for standard accounts. With that said, the execution, spreads, prices, and functionality of both servers is the same so switching servers would not provide any benefit.

  10. Hi Kamran,

    It’s because the win-rate is very high. Like all scalper strategies, Megadroid needs a high % win rate (> 85%) in order to be profitable overall, because the size of the losses (around 60 pips) are much larger than the profits (1 to 15 pips).

  11. Yes, I always trade on Public Holidays. However RSM may disable trading. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    The only time I disable Megadroid is the week between Christmas and New Year.

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