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Megadroid Results: Mon 20th Feb 2012 — 27 Comments

  1. Hi Richard,

    This is an interesting day in that the results are so diverse. I use ATC broker and got a huge -30 pip. This comes after a great crash of Fapturbo that I had last week (have it open on the same account), reducing my accumulated profit from 32% down to less than 10% 🙁

    As stupid as it sounds, my question is “do you think Megadroid is profitable in long term?” I have used it for a couple months and my account usually performed in the average (compared to your results) except today.

    The thing is, I’m now tired of Fapturbo which can wipe my account within one day so I’m thinking of doing the same by opening account at different places (which would need another investment of multiple copies of megadroid). The reason I was hesitant is that it doesn’t trade a lot, so it seems that you risk your “time” investment that way. So, unless it’s reliable and profitable, it may be an even bigger let-down than Fapturbo.

    Thanks a lot for this trade journal.

  2. My axitrader account didi not trade today. I didn’t notice if RSM had disabled it. Did anyone else have their accounts disabled by RSM? It would be good to know if it also protects during a public holiday in the US.

  3. This is very strange big difference! I do not understand! There are always differences between brokers, but today was a disaster!!
    But I’m happy for my Alpari micro 🙂

  4. Hi Alessio,

    I think today’s Megadroid trade signal was borderline, and that’s why many of my accounts didn’t get that S2 Buy trade that ended in a stop. However, I did also see a requote message in my FxPro log which may have saved me from another loss.

    The trade signals are derived from technical indicators, and these do vary a little from broker to broker, which is part of the explanation for variations in trade results.

    I was fortunate that only 2 of my 10 accounts got that loss, so the overall impact for me was small.

    Losses are never fun, but they’re just a reality of any type of trading. I personally have a 6-12 month outlook, and expect a few losing months along the way.

  5. Hi knick but that set did you use? Vladymir using your own broker (ATC) had no trades
    knick ATC BROKER – > – 40 pips
    Vladymir ATC BROKER – > no trades

  6. Hi Alessio,

    Hmm that’s interesting. I didn’t change a lot of parameters (there aren’t a lot anyway). All I did is to use a fixed lot and to NOT turn on aggressive mode or whatever it’s called that would trade more often.

  7. I had a negative trade last night 23.30 gmt down 38 pips!!! I have alpari spread betting account up till now matches standard alpari account.

  8. I honestly do not understand why! However, for safety should use the set that Richard (http://www.megadroidresults.com/category/megadroid-settings/) and try to check the log or try to ask the broker support. However, I repeat, it is very strange because I have friends who use MegaDroid on ATC and have never had very different results from my broker (Alpari MICRO). But you have the original version?
    Sorry for my english …. i am an Italian 🙂

  9. Hi Vladymir,

    The log files on your MT4 terminal might tell you why the trade didn’t occur.

    You can find the log files under the directory .log. They’re date-stamped e.g. 20120220.log etc

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