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Megadroid Results: Mon 2nd Apr 2012 — 28 Comments

  1. Hi Guys,

    I also scalp. Went long EURUSD when it went North of 1.33310.

    BTW I’m retired, live in Adelaide, enjoy Barossa Shiraz and good black coffee. Trading pays my bills. Have been day trading stocks and warrants for a long time. I’m new to Forex and robots. I like what I have so far seen of MD. I also use ProFx indicators, which seem to do a good job for mechanical trading. I use AxiTrader and thinking about going to their Pro server and then using their VPS system.

    Time to make a short black. Any comments most welcome.

  2. Just closed the last trade at 1.33470. Nice 16 pip profit.

    Now if MD can do this when I’m sleeping and the UK and US markets are open, I’ll be a very happy man.

  3. Here is an image of my trading screen. You can see the ProFx direction change indicators. I find there are very accurate for small 5 – 10 pip wins. I have nothing to gain from mentioning ProFx. Like MD, I have found it to be a good product that can help an experienced trader to say double the monthly pip gain delivered by MD.

    Richard if this is not appropriate, please delete this post.


  4. This is the first Alpari trade since Alpari changed their server clock from GMT+2 to GMT+3.

    So it appears Megadroid adjusted to the change automatically.

  5. ** Will the real MegaDroid millionaires please stand up?**

    1) My monthly gain since September last year is around 9%. That seems incredibly high. We should all be millionaires in a few years. Well, 6 by my calculation. I was wondering what other people’s experience with MegaDroid’s monthly gain is over the long run? On average, what do you think is a realistic monthly gain to expect from MegaDroid over a year? Richard, any thoughts?

    2) Cool spreadsheet, Phil, thanks for that! A few questions please:

    i) The MD website logged an average monthly count of 76 pips??? That seems incredible… I don’t understand how Recovery Mode in itself would eliminate all “SL losses” though. I have RM set to true and it does not do much to recover a big loss in my experience.

    ii) Why from this research do you conclude Remote Safety Mode set to false is the way to go? I don’t entirely understand your “RSM bkrs” (brokers?) table. Could you explain please?

    3) Last thought: Richard, you’ve attracted a good crowd here. I’m sure you feel there are more than enough MD forums out there, but it would be nice we could raise questions here without them immediately getting buried on the page of that day’s trades. I wonder, for example, whether Phil will spot those questions above. So, what about setting up a forum space? That way we can link a day-to-day comment to a thread on the forum and follow the exchange on that particular issue there. The day-to-day comments are obviously very useful and should remain as they are. Just a thought.

    Thanks for already providing a great space for MD traders!

  6. Hi Armin,

    “Monthly Gains”

    I personally have “$ gain” monthly targets rather than “% gain” targets. My aim is to average $500 to $1000 USD per month over a 12 month period. I trade fixed lots (i.e. don’t compound). I think it’s best to have a 12 month outlook, because each year there’s usually 2-5 loss months per year. Last year was my worse year performance wise, but I still managed to be profitable overall, mostly because my money management was conservative and consistent. I could of course increase that profit by increasing the lot size, but I’m not comfortable with that level of risk. $25/pip is right for me.

    Also, I know with every trading strategy there’s always the potential that it will fail at some point, and if that happens I want to make sure I don’t wipe out all the gains.

    “Site Suggestions”

    This site is actually just a simple WordPress blog I setup to log my trade results back in June 2010.

    I do like your suggestions though.

    What I could do is create a “Guest Post” on a topic of interest. So if there’s a specific topic you’d like to discuss, just send me the content of the topic, and I’ll create a starting post on the blog with your content, and from that point on people are free to discuss the issue in the comments.

    These “Guest Post’s” would be separate from the Trade Result posts, and could be made prominent for easy reference.

    That would be a bit like a forum, but more focussed.

  7. Hi Armin,

    From all the results I can find on line RM has always recovered an SL lost $ investment doing the double the lost trade Lot sizes until the account balance is equal or greater than the balance before the SL loss occurred. RM does not kick in for non SL losses. Those non RM pip losses I did keep in the numbers.

    The RSM table represents the average pip gain from 2 brokers Richard altered RSM = False as against the average pip gain from the others that continued to run with RSM = True. By comparing the average pips from the 2 groups it can be seen the test Richard did setting RSM = True reduces the pip gain. The brokers with RSM = False and the time period that RSM was set False are shown in light Blue.

    I support a forum approach as well.

  8. No trades for me yesterday on FXDD and FinFX.

    I would welcome a forum too.

    This is my first year trading MD and I have to admit so far it hasn’t been very impressive. It appears we are in a slow period where MD on my two brokers (FXDD and FinFX) has not traded much. But I do try to take a long view with my trading.

  9. No trades for me on Wed 4th.

    Interesting period in the markets right now. Yesterday the US Fed said they were unlikely to provide any more monetary stimulus, and the next day the stock market tanked 1% or so. We’re seeing some large falls in the major currency pairs as well

  10. Guys,

    Seems the market is hooked on the Feds around the world printing more and more money. Stopping that is, IMHO, a good event. But to a market hooked on news there will be more money printed, it is bad news.

    Go figure.

  11. Hi Richard
    Guest posts sounds like a great way forward. I think the “more focused” approach will be beneficial to the community here. Forums tend to be so messy. Would these guest posts have a limited life span? I ask because a topic like “average monthly gain expectations” could sit there for a long time and be update by people every so often as their own results become more conclusive. Whereas topics that are time or event specific are probably best removed when not relevant any more for the sake of above mentioned tidiness. Anyway, very glad to hear you are considering this.

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