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Megadroid Results: Mon 16th Apr 2012 — 13 Comments

  1. Hi Richard,

    I don’t understand how you getting a slip of 3 pips caused a SL to be hit on Go Markets today.

    I got +1.5 pips on the same trade on GoM.

  2. Hi Aspro,

    Maybe bad luck I guess. The slippage I got meant the trade didn’t close at a small profit like your trade did, and eventually the price went against the trade.

    I’ve seen this happen from time to time.

    Fortunately I only got a loss on one of my accounts, so the overall impact isn’t too bad.

  3. Hi aspro,

    I note from recent posts and questions that Richard is not using VPS. Are you using a VPS service and what country are you in, given Go Markets server is in Sydney, Australia ? Maybe that could explain the reason your trade closed and Richards did not ??? Latency issue maybe ?

  4. Hi Marko,
    I am in Australia but I use a VPS in the US. I also thought it may be a latency issue but I’m not sure that is the same as slippage.

  5. Hi guys,

    I’m not sure if latency is the issue in this case. I’m actually pretty close to GO Market’s server (, and my ping is currently only 27ms. My internet speed is about 15MBPs which is reasonable.

    A few years ago I did a test running megadroid on a VPS (with low latency), and compared the results to those running on my home computer. To my surprise I didn’t see much difference in performance and sometimes the orders from the home computer with greater latency had better fills. I’m not really sure why. Perhaps there’s a bottleneck with the early orders arriving at the broker’s server.

    Probably the best thing to do if you suspect latency is an issue, it perform your own tests and see if a VPS offers a benefit.

  6. Aspro,

    I had a VPS service in USA (BBVPS) and noticed that by the time the signals got to our Australian brokers it was actually a few seconds slower than me just running a demo from my home lap top, even through poor internet satelite provider ! So I got a VPS in Sydney ( crucial Para)in the Sydney Equinix data centre which I believe is where Go Markets, Axitrader are located. I just bit the bullet on the funds I spent on the USA mob because in the end it would cost more through lost or losing trades.

    Richard also makes a very valid point by way of implying that it depends on variables with hardware we use and our Net provider’s level of service aswell as geographical locations.

  7. Marko,
    thanks for the info. BTW I spoke with Axi a few months ago and they said they had moved their server closer to NY to get better execution times.

  8. Aspro

    Hard to make out what brokers are telling us sometimes.

    They told me the same as you, and then upon further questioning with a different staff member who was more fluent in English around three weeks ago they stated there “standard account” server is in Sydney but their server for “Pro accounts” claiming to be “ECN style” is in USA ! Who knows sometimes.

    I’m using three brokers Axi, GO and ApexFx, due to being Aus based servers and ASIC regulated (for what ASIC is worth)they only impose law and people break laws especially when money is involved. Good luck trading.

  9. Hi Marko,

    There is a way to find out where the MT4 server is located.

    If you look in the config directory, you’ll see files with extension “.srv”. The prefix will be the name of the server you see on the MT4 Login window. These files contain the MT4 broker server information, including IP address. Open the file with a text editor and look for an IP address.

    Then use something like http://www.infosniper.net/ to find out where that IP address is located.

    With that IP address you can also measure the latency from your computer to the broker’s server, using the Ping command from the windows command prompt

  10. One more thing, some brokers (e.g. FXDD) include a server domain name instead of an IP address in that file. In that case you just determine the IP address of that domain name.

  11. Keep in mind the GoMarkets has a few data centers in other locations but they all relay to the main one in Sydney, so having a low ping to a DC that isn’t the Sydney one isn’t going to tell you much as far as execution times, as for the reason why you sometimes see better results even if you’re not on a VPS is most likely because the trend was still going up when MD decided to close, so you closed a bit late and had a better result. I stopped running MD in April but I had a Mammoth VPS which had a < 1 ms ping to the Sydney DC (Exec times were approx 320-480ms) and 8-10ms to the Melbourne DC.

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