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Megadroid Results: Thur 3rd May 2012 — 13 Comments

  1. Please Alessio please in FX Primus ecn account MD don’t work, in this broker MD work only in demo account but not in real….please post only real account result.

  2. FXDD – +1.7

    I sure hope megadroid starts to get some decent wins again. The average of my winning trades in my FXDD account has been 3.5 pips for 2012. At that rate, I have to have 29 consecutive winners to break even from the recent loss.

  3. Megadroid work very well on fxprimus and all brokers ecn!! I use it for 6 months and I never had problems …

  4. Alesio is false, i closed an account ecn in April because in the demo MD works but not in real,so your results are in demo, and then declares that they are 6 months which is fine!!!
    when April 26 MD lost with a huge loss on each account and each broker,
    and where do you you were?
    because you have not posted?? maybe you’re the only one in the world
    who earned that day with MD …

  5. I use MD almost 3 years, and have to say, that MD had 3 profitable years in a raw. And I earned not bad money with this robot. Results on this great site proving my words.
    Also I can say, that this loss(on 27-th) was not the biggest loss of MD. And, no mater what, “MD” completes every a year in profit. So I think that price, what I payed for MD three years ago(about 150usd) was totally worth of this expert adviser. I will continue trading with MD.
    Good luck to everyone.

  6. I use MegaDroid in three brokers: Alpari Micro Atc broker and Fxprimus. Another user named Vladimir uses working with a broker ecn (ATC boker) and never had problems running the expert. The day of the great loss I have lost a lot of pips! Think with three brokers … how many pips I lost!
    good luck

  7. I have a real account. All that I`m talking about is I haven’t seen system, that was profitable three years of life testing in a row. And one loss of expert adviser it is not the reason for such disturbance. Also MD team announced, that they already working on strategy oversights.

  8. Lack of trades of MD due to low volatility on EURUSD during the overnight sessions… I think that situation will become better in May. It’s all because of the EU economy.

    Anyway I’m sure it will be okay on the long term!

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