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Megadroid Results: Tues 8th May 2012 — 23 Comments

  1. S2 closed +1.5 pips

    S1 Buy still open with -38 pips
    Looks like another day of crossing of fingers and knashing of teeth. Keeps things interesting I guess

  2. French
    Pour moi aussi buy – 22 pips pour l’instant jais remonté le stop sous la R1 sa commence a faire beaucoup de perte

  3. We are approaching the 12 hour mark for this trade, where Megadroid has historically closed the trade out regardless of the price. If this occurs… it will be two big losses in a row.

  4. Hi Pete,

    It seems the newer version isn’t closing out after 12 hours anymore? (at least in my experience). But for either way, I’ve made my own choice to disable MegaDroid and set TP to BE (I think we have found support and hopefully we’re in an uptrend). Will post my results on how I get on. Also will watch a demo account to see where MD decides to close.

  5. Huwee

    My First trade IBFX AU… S1 Buy: 20:21:25 1.30114 -> 08:12:27 1.29896 = -21 pips

    Still have a S2 open… still have 1 hour before MD closes it out (as it did with the S1) will assess just before the 12 hour make if I’ll do as you did and manually manage this trade.

  6. Sorry… I typed the first time wrong. It should be 20:12:25 ( almost exactly 12 hours prior to the close of the trade)

  7. ATC -> -18 pips.(S2-> +2; S1-> -20)
    Fxcbs -> -20 pips.
    Actually it is rather small loss. But it`a pity anyway. Hope there will be no losses in nearest months.

  8. think that MD team have to be concerned about low volatility of the market, with is the main cause of small amount of trades. Hope they will find a solution soon and MD will recover from May losses.

  9. Pete,

    It didn’t make it back up to the entry price and I got stopped out for -60 on my 2nd trade (note to others – I had turned MD off to manage it myself).

  10. FinFX: -22.6pips

    If we look to the last months where MD traded I think the market IS changed and MD isn’t a right choice at this moment. Why I think this?!…. well this is the result of the last +/- 2 months:

    9 trades => 7BE and 2 loss

    So actually 9 times in a row MD was wrong!!

    Thereby… MD needed some change in pips at tradingtime. And in this period the Asian-market is reacting at an otherway then in the past!!

    I’m thinking of shuting down MD for a while and waiting for a better time… Is my reaction a valid one?!

  11. Just for record keeping, I thought I’d post the chart of this trade (see below). In this case closing at the 12 hour mark probably saved about 40 pips or so.

    Forex Megadroid Trade 8th May

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