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Megadroid Results: Tues 22nd May 2012 — 11 Comments

  1. Hi Richard,

    do you have the consolidated earning for year to year?

    I bought megadroid last year and turn out not to be profitable.
    considering I have to pay $30 a month to pay for server.

    I am interested to try again, thus would like to check if you have the consolidated amount for year to year.

    Thank you so much in advance.

  2. FXDD – 1 trade + 3.3 pips
    IBFX – 1 trade + 2 pips (after some serious heat).

    The IBFX didn’t close when the FXDD did and it took around 40 pips of heat. Kind of scary.

  3. Hi Mike,

    I trade about $25/pip spread across my 10 accounts, so you can see my rough dollar gain/loss each month on my Monthly results. 2009 and 2010 were very good years, and 2011 was a small profit year overall after suffering some drawdown in the June to August period. So far I’m about break-even for 2012 despite the loss in April.

  4. Hey Mike,

    You can try vpsland.com.
    You can get 0.5 Ghz, 512 Mb RAM which is enough for several MT4s for $17.48 on Windows!

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