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Megadroid Version 1.39 – Update — 7 Comments

  1. I updated MD but didnt update MT4 at the same time. this turned out to be a mistake.
    MT4 crashed this morning during MD’s usual trading session. Upon restart MD put in a spurios Short trade that lost 40 pips 🙁

  2. Hi Monty,

    That’s strange. I assumed it just wouldn’t place any trades if you were using an old incompatible version of Metatrader.

    I just double checked my accounts – no trades for me.

  3. not trades for me either, just started on sunday with MD on alpari uk demo and finfx demo to see how it goes 🙂

  4. Hello,

    i have update also and have same result that MT4 was down in the morning with new Version of MT4 and old one? I have also changed my Email Adress in Member Area it can be the error!


  5. My MT4 platform crashed two times in 24 hours after updating to the newest version. I’ve had no such problems on the older versions… weird :/

  6. Have someone fixed the problem also with MT4 432 release?

    I have check also dll file and give all rights under win 7 to dll. Support MD means that can be also the point of the issues. i will see it this eveing.

    Here results from this night.

    Pepperstone MT4 432 crash
    FxPro MT4 419 crash
    Alpari MT4 419 crash

    MIG Bank MT4 432 run good
    FX Salt MT4 432 run good

    Bluevestor Limited

  7. Are you sure that you updated both dll and ex4 files?
    New version’s ex4 file has different name: MegaDroid_1.39.ex4
    Make sure you’re using this file name on the chart.

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