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Megadroid Results: Tues 5th June 2012 — 9 Comments

  1. One of my terminals created a Windows Crash Log. I’m still trying to work out which one produced it.

    Update: Think it was my Alpari Mini account. For some reason a few of my terminals are still running Build 419 Metatrader, even though I installed the upgrade. That’s probably the reason for the crash. I’ll have to manually upgrade the terminals.

  2. Looks like I was running MT4 Build 419 on the Alpari, FXDD, FxPro, and InterbankFx accounts. That explains the crash I had.

    For some reason the MT4 auto-install failed on those brokers. I’ve had to manually reinstall the platforms. Looks like InterbankFx has a custom MT4 terminal. Interesting,

    So now all my terminals are build 432.

  3. We have also a crash in FXPro MT4 Build 419 in other accounts the MD is runing.
    After restart the FXPro i get to trades S1 and S2!


  4. I was under the impression that MT4 auto-updated. Every now and again after a restart it would do so. But apparently it does not make the jump from 419? So, I’ve also had to manually install 432. Since I run quite a few instances of MT4 that was quite a pain. Hopefully updates will run more smoothy in future…?

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