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Megadroid Results: Thur 14th June 2012 — 35 Comments

  1. It seems that the Megadroid team have successfully fixed the crash bug in version 1.39. I was involved in the beta testing, and I had no crash problems today.

    They’ll be releasing an updated version very shortly.

  2. Hi Richard,

    That is very nice to hear! Although I didn’t had any crashes either the last 2 days.
    Let’s hope the new release works well.

    Thanks for testing.

  3. Hi John,

    It would be wise to update to the new version. There’s been no changes to the actual Megadroid trading algorithm, but they have identified and fixed a problem that involved the Megadroid.dll file.

  4. Theres still a problem with the new megadroid.dll file… something about cannot call function “Clearlinks” from dll ‘Megadroid.dll’

  5. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your advise! Will try your settings. By the way, I understand that the connection speed will also affect trades. Can I know in which country is your computer located?


  6. The “Forex Market” doesnt have a location… so actually it doesnt really matter where your computer is located..
    Just look for a server with a very fast internet connection.
    Mine has 20MB / SEC. and is located in Germany.

  7. Ross
    June 18th, 2012 at 8:08 am

    Theres still a problem with the new megadroid.dll file… something about cannot call function “Clearlinks” from dll ‘Megadroid.dll’

    I had the same problem. That’s because you forgot to replace .ex4 file.

  8. I didn’t have any problems. No crashes. All 10 accounts still running.

    Yesterday I downloaded and installed the new version of the .ex4 and .dll files from the Megadroid Website.

  9. Hi Siegfried,

    As Vladymir pointed out, did you replace both the .ex4 and .dll files?

    Version 1.39 was modified just a few days ago, so make sure you download the latest versions of both files.

  10. 06/19/12 S1 Buy 19:14:59 1.26861 19:19:51 1.26961 10.0
    06/19/12 S1 Buy 20:00:00 1.26850 20:32:19 1.26840 -1.0
    06/19/12 S1 Buy 20:32:23 1.26862 22:17:47 1.26844 -1.8

  11. No trades for me today (Wed 20th June), because Remote Safety Mode disabled trading. Presumably because of the potential for increased volatility arising from the FOMC statement.

  12. No trades for me either last week.

    I did get something else: A crash of all my MT4 terminals, about 5 mins ago! Anyone else experienced the same problem?

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