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Megadroid Results: Mon 25th June 2012 — 23 Comments

  1. i have been using 4Xp.com Platform. from 21st June’12 when I installed Megadroid, till now there is no trade. I am not able to understand, how does it trade on one platform and do not trade on another platform. In your results also the same thing is getting reflected, while Interbank FX showing trades, Alpari and others are not showing any trade, why this discrepency?Does it mean it suits only certain brokers platform?

  2. Hi Prasanna,

    Variation in trades between different brokers and accounts often occurs with this strategy. Today, for example, only 4 of my 10 accounts got the trade. On other days, all of my accounts will get the same trade.

    There’s many reasons for this variation. One reason is that prices and technical indicator values vary between brokers. If a trade signal is borderline, you might get a trade signal at one broker but not another. In addition one account might reject a trade request while other account might accept it.

  3. Hi Richard,

    There is trade for me at Alpari micro. +3.20.

    By the way, do you use any other EA on top of Megadroid?
    This EA does not trade often, and the pips win is not large enough.

    How do you think of upcoming pipjet EA from megadroid team?


  4. I got no trade yesterday. I wonder is it because the spread quoted by my broker is too high? Can I know what is the typical spread on ur FX acct? Mine with FXpro is about 1.9 pips.. Is it normal?

  5. i had a trade un UK Micro +3

    i will test pipjet as well will continue reading about it today and wanted to finish understanding the metodolog for trading :), i’m quite happy with the results of MD so far 😉

  6. Hi Richard. I suspect this is not sufficiently on topic for this site, but depending on how you see it, maybe Pipjet could warrant a “guest post”?

  7. Hi Guys,

    About PipJet…..

    I pretty much just know what I’ve read from the Sales letter.

    i.e. it’s a system that trades USD/CAD, and opens trades between 21:00 and 23:00 CET (i.e. 3PM and 5PM EST), based on a propriety trade signal. The maximum trade time is 18 hours.

    I haven’t purchased a copy at this stage, but I might.

    I still have some questions i.e. the size of the average wins versus losses and the % win rate, trade frequency, and the impact of trading a pair like USD/CAD that has a wider spread and less liquidity than EUR/USD.

    What I do like is that it has some similarities to Megadroid in that it trades during a similar time window, albeit with a different pair.

    Perhaps I should buy a copy, run it on one of my accounts and start recording my trade results? Not sure. I think I might just watch what happens over the next few weeks before making that comittment.

  8. Hi Ron,

    I used to trade Megadroid at forex.com, but I closed that account in February 2011 because of poor performance, and concern over NFA fines they received for trading against their customers.

    Here’s the post I wrote at the time.


    Here’s some details of the NFA case against them:


  9. Thank you Richard. I read your previous post and the comments. From all indication I see that you are still using FxPro? How is their perfomance and would you recommend them?

  10. Hi Ron,

    I’d prefer not to recommend any broker, because I like to remain impartial.

    But I am still using FxPro. As you can see from my Monthly Results, they’re probably one of my better performing brokers for this strategy.

    About 18 months ago they started blocking Megadroid trades, but they seem to have stopped that thankfully.

    My concern with them is their lack of regulation compared to the other brokers I’m using. But I personally haven’t had any problems with them so far, and I’ve had an account with them for about 5 years. They used to be called North Finance.

  11. Richard,

    I will be eager to get your impressions of the Pipjet once you get it running. I really value this site as it does for me what I could never do alone, that is, trading MD on multiple brokers and I can get real-money results rather than simulated results. Thanks so much for the work you do in operating this site.

  12. Wednesday 27th
    Hi Richard,
    I seem to be the only one who had a trade today. I wish i did not:-

    Ikon S2 sell -49 pips !!!! This leaves me with +83 pips for the last 6 months.

    I would also like to see how Pipjet goes. For the price I think it is worth a try.

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