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Megadroid Results: Wed 27th June 2012 — 12 Comments

  1. I just re-checked my accounts. I didn’t realise I still had a trade open at FXDD and GO. And it hit the stop. I’ve updated my results with those 2 losing trades.

    If you look at the price entries, you’ll see that they’re worse for those 2 accounts, and that’s probably why they didn’t close out at break even like my other accounts did.

  2. Richard, maybe you are right…. but ofcourse we can’t buy anthing for that conclusion 🙁

    open price 1.24690 close price 1.25223

    my feeling is saying….Megadroid comes with a new Robot. Just in the worst year for Megadroid….I believe they say with that:

    “EURUSD is not working anymore for Megadroid. for continuation of our company we need to launch a new one… named Pipjet”

    That’s also not strange because a lot of things changed in the world specially to EURUSD… it’s much unpredictable with the downgrade of ratings, a lot of news happened at 21:00 / 22:00 etc…etc. It’s no blam to Megadroid it’s just the change of the incridable market nowedays!

    Ofcourse it’s my view of this Megadroid year!! but I quess in a few months, weeks Megadroid is suggesting to shutdown MegaDroid…and asking for change to PipJet… if they want to protect the “Brand” and ofcourse they will protect that!!

  3. If you look at the GO Markets trade, it was placed at exactly the same time as several others, and yet it slipped an extra pip. This was the reason the trade stopped.

    Brokers might advertise “low spreads” on their trading platform, but the real spread is what happens when your trade gets executed. So if a broker displays a 2 pip spread, but actually slips your trade 1 pip on entry and exit, the real spread is actually 4 not 2. I’ve seen many MT4 brokers employ this trick over the years.

    So the only way to assess the performance of a broker, is to actually compare their trade execution with other brokers on a live account.

  4. I have Go Markets Pro account with very low spreads and my trade on this day stopped out on break even. Very thankful for that as i would not have liked to hit that loss.

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