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Megadroid Results: Wed 22nd Aug 2012 — 12 Comments

  1. We’re seeing some early signs of a volume increase on the US stock market after the summer break, and that seems to be impacting the EURUSD and generating more Megadroid signals. Interesting.

  2. yes more volume, but don’t forget neither that yesterday was the FOMC meeting… which means more volume.
    I’m also surprise MD did not dis-activate the trading for yesterday

  3. No trades for me this week so far.

    Extremely light volume on the US stock market still, and reduced volatility on the major forex pairs.

    Seem’s everyone is waiting for Ben Bernanke’s speech on Friday in Jackson Hole to work out whether they’ll provide more stimulus or not.

    August is generally a low volume month because of the summer break. Suspect things will pick up next week. Should get a few more trade signals once the volume returns.

  4. yup. No trade for me as well.

    I just bought one copy of pipjet recently.

    There are trading more frequently compare to megadroid, though the perfomance in my account is not as good as megadroid.

    Other account in thinkforex is doing quite well.

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