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Megadroid Results: Mon 3rd Sep 2012 — 14 Comments

  1. Megadroid is the bad robot, the system should contain transactions on a daily basis and not, as recently as one month. Producers should cos warped, I want to earn money and not wait for transactions which appear once a month

  2. It seems that dealers specially contain few transactions when transactional Megadroid are hours and therefore does not contain transaction because volatility is very small

  3. Yep, the last few months have been incredibly slow.

    The problem is that the EUR/USD pair is currently barely moving in the 4PM EST to 6PM EST time window, and that’s why we’re getting few signals right now.

    It’s hard to know how long this will last. It could change at any time.

  4. Hey Richard have you looked at the product offered by the megadroid folks that trades the USDCAD? I haven’t looked at it myself but was wondering if it would be a good counterpoint to megadroid.


  5. Hi Sandy,

    Think it’s called “PipJet”.

    I haven’t purchased it yet. At this stage I’m just watching from the sidelines. I need to see some good live results before I’d buy it and trade it on a live account.

  6. Hi Richard,
    I have had Pipjet running live since 9th July and it has had 15 trades, all winners. On my 4 digit account with a 3 pip spread, there have been 13 trades of 1 pip and 2 trades of 2 pips. It has certainly paid for itself even if it has produced less than the hype.

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