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Megadroid Results: Wed 12th Sep 2012 — 18 Comments

  1. Getting a few Megadroid trades through this month, but the profit per trade has been small so far. Hopefully that’ll change soon.

    All the market attention is on the FOMC comments tomorrow – scheduled for 2-2:15PM EST.

  2. Also on mine, I am now more than >2% of my account size in the red. Almost $1000.00 in the loss on my live account. I can not understand this robot, it makes 0.4 to 2 pips profit the it takes away 30 pips. Are this robot realy that good ? I am very upset – also one of those SCAM robots !!!!!!! Waist of money.

  3. I still have trades open at MB Trading, Go Markets, and Axis. Currently about -15 pips down. The trades on my other accounts have closed.

    I’ll update my results as they close.

    Not sure why 3 of my accounts trades are still open. The entries look similar to the 5 accounts that closed, and I can’t see any order rejection messages in the log files. Strange.

  4. I think MegaDroids only SCAM EA and wasting my time & my money if take profits only 0.1 to 2 pips but loss it’s so BIG amount,I’m still have floating loss 7 pips NOW !!!

  5. Ya, this robot has made me $ 1,211 – The losses are $2,482 – what a nice robot !!!!!! – Profit 1 pip there 1.2 pips there and the losses each time are >30pips. Why does it not lock in the profits (with a TS just say 1 pip) and go further to make more pips on the same trade ? So if there should be a retracement candle it can still have the 1 pip. But geewisss have say 11pips profit for 2 months and “one” loss all the profits are gone and start all over again does not make sense to me.

  6. Hi Johan,

    I think you might be trading a bit too aggressively. If you lost $2,500 from a 15 pip loss, that means you were trading about $160/pip or a 1.6 mill lot.

    A 15 pip loss is actually pretty small for Megadroid. The average full stop size is 60 pips, and on one occasion I had a 120 pip stop!

    The problem over the past few months has been a lack of trades and small profit per trade because of a lack of movement in the EURUSD pair in the 4PM to 6PM EST time window. When the price action is good, we can sometimes get as many as 15 trades and 100+ pips profit in a month (see October 2011), however there’ll always be some losing months and quiet months in between.

    That’s why I have a longer term (i.e. 12 monthly) outlook, and trade using more conservative money management, because I know there’ll be a few ups and downs along the way.

    You might also want to look at the broker you’re using. Only 3 of my 10 brokers got the losing trade. A common strategy to minimise drawdown is to trade across a few of the better performaing brokers, that way if only some of them get a loss, the overall impact is less. This is what I do. On this day for example, because only 3 of my 10 accounts got the 15 pips loss, the overall impact was less for me than it would have been had I traded everything on one account that got that loss. My aim during quiet periods, like now, is to minimise the drawdown by using these measures, and then capitalise when the good months return whenever that is.

  7. Megadroid is not a good system, there are times that they do not contain transaction after 3 months, or catch one pip should trade every day, waiting for months for the transaction is meaningless, I do not know and can not specifically call the brokers trade in the hours when they do scalp?

  8. Richard’s point is dead on. Scalping EA’s are at the mercy of spreads and price feed. By using multiple high quality brokers, you minimize the overall impact of one.

    You’re building a portfolio and the broker diversity tells a more complete story of the EA’s performance.

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