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Megadroid Results: Wed 10th Oct 2012 — 19 Comments

  1. Pretty frustrating month so far. I still have a few open trades left. I’ll update my results as they close.

    The EUR/USD tanked just after the US market closed for some reason.

  2. Now that trade is closed :-)….so my results on ActivTrades are:
    Buy: 22:52 1.2885 -> 10:35 1.2886 1.0 pips
    Buy: 23:05 1.2871 -> 05:09 1.2872 1.0 pips

  3. Im done with MD, 2011 was merely a breakeven year 2012 a completely loossing too.
    With the first part of the year results to come back in profits will takes 1 year and even more
    Bye bye md

  4. Richard, S&P downgraded Spain to near junk status around 4:30pm EDT 10/10. The same thing happened to MD when the US was downgraded.

    The robot is looking for the price to reach what it believes is the channel boundary and a bounce is expected.

    What keeps messing MD up in these situations is not accounting for the velocity of the price movement. Yesterday’s price dropped nearly 20pips in under 5 mins after the news hit the wires. MD doesn’t trade news events period and even if the price reached the signal, the velocity should have invalidated the buy signal.

    I’ve seen this many times before with MD, I’m surprised this hasn’t been coded yet.

    I’m not stopping them but Albatore has a point, it will take a very stellar 2013 to recoup late 2011 and 2012’s losses.

  5. Somehow came out of that with 4.7 pips profit. really dodged a bullet there.

    Go Markets
    buy 23:51 1.28860 -> 11:35 1.28881 2.1 pips
    buy 00:05 1.28706 -> 06:09 1.28732 2.6 pips

  6. Looks like MD more and more loosing its edge in profits, but maintaining its edge in loses. So gradually losses stay and profits decrease, not covering losses any more. This should happen some time and now it is more and more obvious. Need to quit (I personaly do now).

    Besides it seems that MD people feel it – otherwise they will not start so heavily advertizing and switching to PipJet.

  7. Definitely a tough period for the strategy right now.

    Even in the good times, we’ve had stop losses like this every month or so, and sometimes twice in a month, but the difference now is that we’re not getting much profit in between these losing trades to provide a buffer.

  8. Exactly – there is no problems with such SLs (they are ok for MD) there is problems with profits – and thess problems exist for about a year already, w/o any prospects of regaining trade advantage.

  9. I’ve turned down my risk of all MD robots and set Recovery mode to ‘No’.
    This is a tough year.

    Above all else…protect your account!

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