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Megadroid Results: Thur 6th Dec 2012 — 5 Comments

  1. Lots of variation in the trades across my accounts. This started with version 1.40.

    Some accounts get 2 trades, others get 1, and some get none.

    But the results have been promising.

  2. I think, that some trades could be messed because of night spread bounces.
    S2 sell: 5+16 pips
    S1 buy: 5+4 pips
    S2 buy: 5+7 pips

    S1 buy: 5+4 pips
    S2 buy: 5+7 pips

  3. If I set VolatilityAware to true does this mean that it could increase my risk by making the SL bigger? If so is there a limit to which the SL can be increased?

    If I set my risk to 10% and I enable DollarAveraging is the first trade taken using 10% and the next also taken using 10%?

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