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Megadroid Results: Tues 19th Feb 2013 — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Richard,

    Hope you can give some advice. I bought Forex Megadroid since 14th Feb and tried to use on my Alpari UK Micro 2 account with 1:500 leverage.

    However, Megadroid did not close any trades for past 1 week and am quite disappointed on it and felt like asking for a refund.

    Since you have been a user for this MD for 3 years since Mar 2010, hope you can let me know what went wrong and what is your settings for Alpari UK Micro account.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

  2. Hi Kenny,

    It’s not unusual for Megadroid to have quiet periods lasting several weeks. It really depends on whether the price action on the EUR/USD pair generates a trade signal or not. And sometimes only some broker accounts will give a signal, presumably because the price feeds and technical indicator values are slightly different at different brokers. Today, for example, I only got a trade on one of my 10 accounts. On other days I’ll get a signal on all 10 accounts.

    If you look at my own results, you’ll see there hasn’t been many trades since 14th of Feb. I’m running 2 Alpari accounts. My Alpari account with RSM disabled got 3 trades over this period, and the one with RSM enabled got 1 trade.

    Disabling RSM (Remote Safety Mode) will give you more trades, but may expose you to more risk.

    You can find the settings I use here:

    Have a look through my Monthly Results to get a feel for how often Megadroid trades. Sometimes it trades 3-4 times in one week, and at other times it’ll barely place a trade for 3 weeks. The monthly average is about 8-10 trades per month. It all depends on whether a trade signal is present or not. That’s how this strategy works.

    Also note there’s a fair bit of variation in performance between brokers, especially over the past few months. That’s why many people use 2-3 brokers at the same time, so if one account misses a trade for some reason (e.g. due to a re-quote), then hopefully one of the other accounts will get that trade still.

    “Change Broker or Ask for Refund”

    If I were you I’d just wait for a while. As mentioned above, a quiet week is nothing unusual. You have a 60-day refund window, so you might as well use that time.

    You might consider disabling RSM on the account. This should give you performance similar to my “Alpari Mini” account which has RSM disabled. Disabling RSM will increase trade counts, but may also increase the risk of a loss.

  3. Hi Richard,

    In your opinion, is Megadroid is still a good robot and worthwhile the money paid for ? Do you think this is a successful or a lousy FX EA robot.


  4. Hi Kenny,

    “Is it Worth the Money?”

    I started in 2009, so overall, yes, although 2012 was a loss year for me. If I started last year, the answer would be no.

    Understand that nothing is certain with ANY trading strategy. That’s just the nature of trading. Market price action is changing all the time and so strategies that used to work for a few years or more might fail at any time. That’s why backtesting isn’t that useful i.e. it assumes future price action will stay the same, which it won’t.

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