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Megadroid Results: Thur 25th July 2013 — 12 Comments

  1. Hello Richard! 10th of july I had several loss trades on ActivTrades and Alpari NZ accounts (RSM disabled as on yours)and it completely destroyed my account balance. Cannot imagine why there is such a difference..

  2. HI Stanislav,

    I never got those trades. I re-installed my trading platforms the weekend before, in the hope that that would improve my trade count, but I forgot to disable RSM on those 3 accounts. I think that’s why I missed that trade.

    Would you be able to tell me how many pips that loss was, and I’ll make a note of it in the Monthly Results for July. Thanks.

    I’m undecided about RSM. If it saves a big loss I guess it’s probably worth leaving it enabled.

  3. Hi Stanislav,

    I got a similar trade on the 10th with Go Markets and lost 30% of my account.

    Richard, not sure what is going on here, but it appears there is a disconnect between your trades and what others are getting. Do you have any inside line to developers to understand what has caused such a discrepancy?

    BTW I have RSM enabled and it helped not one iota.

  4. Hi Travis,

    Did you have RSM enabled on the 10th?

    My accounts were running, but I had RSM enabled on all accounts that week, so I assumed that was the reason why I didn’t get those losing trades because RSM had disabled trading that day due to “dangerous conditions”.

    Did anyone else get that trade with RSM enabled?

    Anyway, I’ll note the loss in the Monthly Results for future reference.

  5. Did some more digging. Seemed that the FOMC Meeting Minutes were announced that day, so RSM probably disabled trading because of the volatility.

    I attached a chart from that day. You can see a massive move after the US close, which probably explains the losses.


  6. Thanks for that Richard.

    I did have RSM enabled, unfortunately it only kicked in after the spike occured and the trade was made only minutes prior.

    On my demo account, RSM is also enabled, and it didnt kick in until mid way through the spike, that acount lost 75% funds with the same settings as my live account.

    Im a little scared right now with how megadriod appears to be operating.

  7. Strange. So you’re saying you had RSM enabled, but it still allowed some trades through?

    You might want to contact Megadroid support (http://forex-megadroid.com/support/), because RSM is meant to disable trades during “dangerous conditions” like FOMC, if that feature is enabled in the EA settings i.e.RemoteSafetyMode=1. I re-checked my accounts and I definitely didn’t get any trades through that day.

    BTW, what broker are you using? Any of the brokers I’m using? Just wondering if the GMT offset of the broker has any impact of the Megadroid’s RSM feature i.e. perhaps the brokers server time was 11th of July, not 10th of July at that time.

  8. @ Richard and Travis

    I am on GoMarkets like Travis and have RSM enabled.
    RSM saved me from from that bad trade on the 10th.

    Do you run the trading platform 24/7 or just during MegaDroid’s usual trading window?
    I suspect but cant be sure that the RSM “Signal” is sent out at fairly random intervals. if you miss the “signal” from MD for “dangerous trading conditions” I suspect it wont re-check and it may go ahead and trade.
    As is say I cant be sure of this as its just a suspicion.
    All I know is that I run it 24/7 on a dedicated trading machine and I don’t have this problem.

    Perhaps its worthwhile asking MD support on this to clarify the behaviour of the RSM feature?

  9. Hi Monty,

    As mentioned by Richard, I suspect it is somthing to do with timing and possibly GMT as as I run GO Markets on a Virtual Server and it operates 24×7.

    Further to Richards last comment, The actual trade in my ssytem was made at 00:02 the 11th July, so that may be the root cause.

    Will engage MD support to see if they can help at all.

    Thanks guys for the opportunity to discuss.

    Thanks guys for the insightful chat.

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