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Megadroid Results: Tues 27th Aug 2013 — 11 Comments

  1. That would have to be the slowest month I’ve ever had using this strategy.

    Barely getting any trades through right now.

    Hopefully It’ll pick-up in September

  2. Hi Alvin,

    I think the problem is that there’s been hardly any trades recently.

    I personally haven’t had any Megadroid trades since the 27th of August, and even in August I had very few trades.

    It’s been the quietest period since I started using Megadroid back in 2009.

  3. Hope not Ling.

    But this is a record for lack of trades with this strategy.

    I’ve literally had zero trades this month, which is amazing. Even with quiet months I get 2-3 by now.

    Bit frustrating.

  4. I think Megadroid is just dizzying.
    I bought 4 months ago and no trade in demo
    but in the strategy tester is Megadroid 1:41 almost every day trading.
    so I think MD can only act in the past time.
    and support can not even send a email for basic setting.

  5. Hi myax008,

    Remember, that back-testing won’t simulate Megadroid’s Remote Safety Mode (RSM) feature. So this may be one reason why you’re seeing more trades when you backtest. There were several days during September when RSM disabled trading due to volatile market conditions.

    Having said that, this is the quietest period I’ve ever had with this strategy.

    Will be interesting to see if things improve over the next few months. Market conditions and price action are always changing. Right now we’re getting barely any movement in the EUR/USD pair between 4 and 6PM EST, but that might change at any time, giving us more trades.

  6. Hi Richard,
    i purchased the ea got no deal ywet and i see in your last entries that there might be only one broker “MB Trading” that gets regular trades and higher profit.
    What might be the reason for the obvious better trading activity with this broker ? Broker must have different prizes ?!
    If Megadroid analyzes it can’t be that different to decide deal or no deal, i wonder.

  7. Hi Thorsten,

    I’m not exactly sure exact why. Most of my brokers aren’t getting any trades, so I suspect the conditions are still difficult for this strategy.

    Perhaps MB Trading’s price feed is a little different than the others causing signals on that broker but not others? The spreads are pretty low on that account also. That could be a factor.

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