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Megadroid Results: Wed 13th Nov 2013 — 13 Comments

  1. Type Direction Open Time Open Price Close Time Close Price Pip Profit
    S2 Sell 2013.11.14 00:24:34 1.34959 -> 2013.11.14 01:09:08 1.34806 15.3 pips
    S2 Sell 2013.11.14 00:24:34 1.34959 -> 2013.11.14 00:31:03 1.34909 5.0 pips
    S1 Sell 2013.11.13 23:52:28 1.34942 -> 2013.11.14 00:01:07 1.34839 10.3 pips
    S1 Sell 2013.11.13 23:52:28 1.34942 -> 2013.11.13 23:57:04 1.34890 5.2 pips

    Broker: ThinkForex

  2. Megadroid tries to open 0.07 position on 1:500, the minimum lotsize for fxopen broker is 0.1 ( i wonder)
    I opneed a ticket. Perhaps they have experience with this broker.
    now lotsize = 0.1 risk 0.15 gives me exact 0.1 lot 0.1 on display. hope this works.

  3. Waitung for next hit 😉
    Same LOT-problem with other EA: first open 0.12 2nd open 0.09. 2nd open fails due zo minimum 0.1. Playing around for 1 hour to figure out how to set the beast to open 0.1
    It’s a must to backtest to see what sizes will be required when running on standsrd accounts.
    I wonder the eas do not recognize the required minimum size.
    A minimum lot size should be a standard parameter of all ea as ell as risk factor.

  4. Richard. What risk are you using (or better : whar resulting lotsize) on your accounts ?.
    I’m not sure on setting this to 2.0 adised or default on megadroids homepage. This results in quite big lot sizes even on small account.
    What resulting Lotsize is healthy with 0.1 LOT size minimum Lotsize and lets’s assume 5000$ account ? Megadroid seems to have a good winning quote.

  5. I trade a total of 2.5 full lots (i.e. 250k, $25/pip) spread over 10 accounts. Some accounts have 0.3 lot and other 0.2. I just adjust risk to give the desire lot size on the account. Account balance varies depending on the leverage of the account. I try to keep the bare minimum in the account needed to open the trade.

    One really important thing to remember, is that while losses are infrequent, when they do happen they’re big. A loss of over 100 pips is possible. So it’s important not to trade too big just in case a large loss happens. My last large loss was in October 2012. Took a long time to recover.

  6. thanx, i read the 250k, but was not aware this was spread over all accounts. Thought you to be very rhich to deal 2.5 LOT on each account 😉
    Minimum is good. Nof beeing greedy is basics.
    When running other eas on same account with different trading algortihm and minimum riks, all are working happy together that’s the plan.

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