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Megadroid Results: Wed 19th Mar 2014 — 6 Comments

  1. Alpari UK classic
    S1 buy
    1.38178 -> 1.38230
    5.2 pips

    Richard, I haven’t noticed connection issues with Alpari. Maybe we are using a different server?

  2. Hi Roger,

    I rang them. They said there was some major server problem that they’re working on.

    I still can’t connect to my Alpari accounts.

    I only noticed the problem when I restarted the terminal – it won’t re-connect. The ones I didn’t shut down are still running though.

    Hopefully it’ll be sorted before tomorrow.

  3. Hi Richard,

    this is quite bad with Alpari. Hope things will solve gently for you.

    Megadroid is acting on my two accounts. Meanwhile i switched completely awy from GKFX, FxOpen, MBTrading and i’m happy to deal with roboforex.

    I’m still not sure about the risk i should set. choosing low risk i have low profit. But megadroid may cause large losses from time to time (all x years ?!). So what is the best by megadroid expert advisor window indicated lotsize or risk setting per 1000$ not to get blown up but to get some reasonable profit??

  4. Hi Thorsten,

    My approach with Megadroid is to just stay consistent. I’ve had to endure some unpleasant losses along the way, but thus far I’ve managed to recover.

    There’s inherent uncertainty in trading. We just don’t know when the next big losses will happen. We could get 2 large losses this month, or none for the entire year.

    I think the important thing is to prepare for the large losses by not trading too big, and if they don’t happen then it’s a bonus.

    I sorted the Alpari problem out. They gave me another IP address which seems to work.

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