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Megadroid Results: Wed 2nd Apr 2014 — 5 Comments

  1. Performance of EA very bad.

    They claim on their website very well:

    ” Take advantage of the time-limited, price while you can. If at ANY time
    within the next 60 days, for ANY reason at all, you aren’t happy with Forex
    Megadroid(tm) then simply e-mail us and we’ll refund every cent of your
    No questions asked – no ifs, no buts, no whys! Your satisfaction is our
    success and if we can’t fulfil that then we don’t want your money.”

    This is not true, because when I need refund money, they silently and without any feedback.

  2. Hi Ngoc,

    There actually is a 60-day refund on all clickbank products, including Megadroid. So what they’re saying is correct.

    In my experience the best (and fastest) way to get a refund, is through Clickbank themselves via their website. Just provide them with the receipt number and some other details.

    I’ve had to do this with another Clickbank product and my refund was processed with 1-2 days.


  3. I’ve got a trade on 9th April.
    It was a S1 sell at 1.38606 (23:09h). I’ve closed manually at 1.38562.
    MD site also didn’t get any trade.

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