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Account changes: Closing FxSol, Opening Oanda, and FXDD migrating to FXCM — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Richard,

    can share what strategy you use which make “considerable profit” on fxsol πŸ˜€ ?

    interested to learn and try on other broker πŸ™‚


  2. Hi Mike,

    It was my own discretionary trading at the time (about 18 months ago). It wasn’t an EA.

    I was fortunate enough to catch a few large moves on GBP/USD over a 1-2 week period. Shortly after withdrawing those profits, the delays started on that account, and persisted until this day.

    Unfortunately I was using Megadroid on the same account, and so those delays impacted it’s performance as well.

    It’s pretty hard to share my own personal trading strategy, because it’s really based on my reading of intra-day price action, and interpretation of various technical levels and fundamental events. That just comes through practise and trial and error. I use the 5 minute chart and generally just focus on one pair at a time.

  3. Hi Richard,

    thanks for the info πŸ™‚

    i was trying to learn manual trading for full time jobs, as I try the megadroid last year and dont find the ea my cupt of tea.

    great to hear that from fellow trader, hope you find other better broker.


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