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Megadroid Results: Wed 2nd July 2014 — 6 Comments

  1. If I understood you well accounts for 10 brokers. I am interested in the size of the account for each broker and the sum of sizes of the accounts together. For example, in USD. Wed 2nd July 2014 was a gain for GoMarkets 2 pips. USD How much is it? How much is a% of the total size of all accounts?

  2. Hi Milan,

    I trade 250k EURUSD ($25/pip) spread across 10 accounts. So an average of only 25k size per account. In practise I trade a little more at the better performing brokers, and less at the poorly performing ones based on how they’ve been performing. I do this to try to optimise my returns. That’s why I track my performance at the various brokers. I’m currently trading 30k size on the GO account, so 2 pips is $6.

    Currently this strategy is very slow i.e the trade counts and monthly pip counts are low. I think this is because the range on the EURUSD pair is much tighter in the 4PM to 6PM EST window when Megadroid trades. Megadroid is a reversion to mean type strategy, so it needs a certain amount of movement before it can place a trade.

  3. So 30 000 USD GO Markets. How big is the lever? Trade 0.3 lot is very small. Can I count that Megadroid opens new store after the completion of the old store?

  4. Hi Milan,

    Yes 30k size is small, but I have 10 accounts trading about the same size, so it adds up. I trade a total of $250, so $25/pip overall.

    My GO Markets account has 1:500 leverage. I do some other trading on it apart from Megadroid.

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