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Megadroid Results: Wed 15th Oct 2014 — 13 Comments

  1. Volatile price action. The first trade’s stop got slipped by 6 pips or so, but the latter trades made up for it.

    The extreme volatility started after disappointing US Retail Sales and Empire Manufacturing data, and persisted though out the US session. There was also an ECB President speech at 2 EST.

  2. I’m surprised they took a trade over those events. Usually the safety block kicks in stopping trades over data releases right?

  3. Hi Steve,

    It was a risky trade.

    They generally only block trades on days with FOMC statements and minutes. These happen at about 2pm EST i.e only 2 hours before the Megadroid trading starts. Sometimes they block trades if some sort of major geopolitical event is happening.

    But today we saw massive volatility after the 8:30 EST US reports (over 7 hours before the Megadroid session), and those reports (Retails Sales and Empire Manufacturing) usually don’t cause too much movement and it’s usually well disapated by the end of the US session. But today the numbers deviated significantly, and the US stock market dived, and everything snowballed from there. So to be fair, it was hard to anticipate.

  4. Hi Richard

    On Tallinex platform I had 2 sell trades…..

    20:00:03 at 1.28010 closed 20:20:34 at 1.28292
    20:16:57 at 1.28130 closed 20:20:35 at 1.28290

    2 huge losses

    On FXchoice platform I had one sell trade …….

    23:01:20 at 1.28058 trade still live at 01:16 at 1.28390

    currently showing huge loss

    I did not get the post sell trades and reverse buy trades you show
    in your S1 results ? I have the same settings for ver:1.41 as shown
    on your site ?

    Why is this ?
    Are you trading an older version, or do I have a setting wrong.

    Did anyone else get these trades ?

    Thanks & Regards

  5. Hi Philip,

    I’m using version 1.41 on all of my accounts, and the same settings that I’ve posted on this blog.

    I’ve double checked my results. I don’t have any open trades. Most account had 3 trades – the first was a loser, then 2 wins. I didn’t get any big losers.

    If you look at my first Sell S1 trade, it remained open for 2 hours on all of my accounts, and closed out at about -6 pips.

    Your corresponding trade closed out after only 20 minutes on Tallinex, presumably because it hit the stop loss. Was there an unusually large spike on your platform at that time, or a margin call perhaps? Look through the log on the MT4 terminal. It might show the reason.

    I can’t explain why your FXchoice trade is still open. All of my accounts closed the trade after 2 hours.

    Did you have any internet disruptions that make have prevented the trade from closing?

  6. Hi Richard,

    I’m not quite understand why megadroid work last week everyday and yesterday opened order at 22:00 CET , usually opened about 23:00 CET, so I think that one of reason for this behaviour is that USA has winter time from last week ( I think) and Europe has still summer time.

    I had 8 trades( one lost – yesterday ) on Activtrades-2 from this Monday ..



  7. Hi jiri,

    Usually Meagdroid only opens trades between 16:00 and 18:00 EST i.e. NY time.

    Both USA and Europe are still in Daylight Savings Time, so I’m not sure if that’s the reason.

    October can be a bit confusing re. timezones, because the DST change overs occur on different weeks.

  8. Hi Richard

    Taken a closer look

    The first Tallinex trade and FXchoice trade triggered about the same time,
    as the GMT offset for Tallinex server is :0.0 FXchoice server is GMT:3.0

    Tallinex went on to open another sell trade some 17 minutes later at 1.28130
    which was about the time your trades were buying. Your second sell trades were higher than this Tallinex second sell trade. If it had not closed out then it would probably closed out when the FXchoice one did.

    I now believe the Tallinex trades were closed out for a margin call as it spiked above the second sell trade.

    Funny though FXchoice trade had no margin call/credit issues yet it did not make a second sell trade or a buy trade as did 7 of your trades.

    I now notice I have my risk level true and you have yours 0.0.
    You are not using money management for your trades.

    These 2 Tallinex trades for some reason opened the sell trades at a much higher size than usual, first sell size was over twice as high, the second sell size was almost 4 times as high, these 2 high size trades then caused them to close out.

    I am using a FXchoice VPS for both Tallinex & FXchoice MT4 terminals.

    Tallinex is recommended by Megadroid.

    Maybe I should just use Lot size ?

    Maybe I should not use same VPS as MT4 provider ?

    Can you offer any advice

    Thanks & Regards


  9. Hi Philip,

    Yeah, it sounds like a margin call. If your account goes below the minimum margin requirement when a trade goes against you, the broker will just close out the trade automatically, to prevent the account going negative. A dramatic widening of spreads can also cause this. That’s why that trade closed out early.

    Lot Size.

    I just adjust the “risk level” until I get the desired lot size. Megadroid will display the lot size on the chart, as you adjust the risk level.

    I make sure I have enough money in each account, so that my account won’t margin call if the trade goes against me by 200 pips or so.

    Also note I have “RecoveryMode = 0” i.e. disabled. When enabled this feature can increase the trade size to recover losses, which can be dangerous.


    If your VPS is disconnecting during a trade, that could be a problem, because that’ll prevent Megadroid from closing out trades. You should be able to determine if this is happening by looking through the MT4 terminal logs.

    I don’t use a VPS for megadroid trading, but for my other types of trading I use a CNS VPS (New York). I’ve found them to be pretty reliable and their support is very good.

    I’ve never used a VPS associated with a broker.

  10. Think I’ve worked out what happened.

    Megadroid placed 1 short at about 16:00 EST and when the price went against it, it added another short. At 18:00 the price spiked down, and Megadroid closed both short trades for net profit of about 0 pips. It then placed one long trade and made a quick 10-12 pips on the bounce.

    Philip, I think your account margin called on that big move up at around 16:20 EST. If it didn’t margin call, you would have broken even on the trade.

    See chart below


  11. Hi Richard

    Yeah you are correct.

    If it had not closed out, it would have closed when my FXchoice trade did, about 8 hours later just past break even.

    I still do not know why my FXchoice trade did not react as all yours did, i.e. place a second higher sell trade and then a reverse buy trade ?

    Your note:
    “Also note I have “RecoveryMode = 0″ i.e. disabled. When enabled this feature can increase the trade size to recover losses, which can be dangerous”

    I also have this feature disabled, but on the second sell trade it doubled the trade size again, the first sell trade was also double what it usually is on previous past trades ? thought if this feature was disabled it did not do this !

    Did Megadroid increase your trade size on the second sell and or the buy trade ?

    I will follow up with Megadroid

    Have a great weekend

    Thanks & Regards
    Perth W.A

  12. Hi Richard, after a long break (i stopped forex for a while) i reinitiated Megadroid.
    Here are the results of October 15th on Roboforex-Pro, time might be GMT+3.

    2014.10.16 01:00:44 buy 0.10 at 1.28105 close 2014.10.16 01:02:45 + 6.00$
    2014.10.16 01:00:44 buy 0.10 at 1.28105 close 2014.10.16 01:03:15 +10.00$
    2014.10.15 23:20:08 sell 0.30 at 1.28067 close 2014.10.16 01:00:26 +23.10$
    2014.10.15 23:00:01 sell 0.20 at 1.28205 close 2014.10.16 01:00:26 -16.00$

    In Total 23 $ on 0.20 position or 11.5 PIPS

    I saw the buy opening as 0.20 and partly close (?!) on that 0.20 position.
    What the hell i thought and turned my mobile aside.
    Never touch a fast running EA, haha.
    Partly close half the position, followed by total close 30 seconds later.
    that’s my interpration of the ride.

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