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Megadroid Results: Thur 27th Nov 2014 — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Richard,

    my MegaDroid has opened just one position on Nov 27th.

    Are you using default settings?

    If not, is there one specific that I can change trying to align my results with yours?

    Best regards

  2. Alpari UK classic S2 buy
    1.24643 -> and it was never closed by MD, regardless everything apparently ok!
    Finally closed it manually at -4.3 pips…. after facing -35.9 pips!
    Second trade never happened…

    I’m curious to understand why it happened…. connection was ok, smiling face at Metatrader, never left Metatrader during the order neither changed any settings…

  3. It’s possible the slippage or spread stopped MD trading at the moment it opened the 2nd trade. The 2nd trade opened on my broker gallant fx and mirrored the results above. I have tweaked the slippage number to a much higher number to make sure MD takes as many opportunities as it can. I also run MD on a vps service.

  4. Hi Jono,

    I agree, spreads could definitely be a factor. Although it didn’t happen on this day for my accounts, I often have a few accounts that miss a 2nd trade that the other accounts get. Apart from spread/price differences, temporary connection issues or trade rejections could be a factor.

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