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March 2015 Summary — 10 Comments

  1. Hi David,

    For some reason my FXCM accounts missed several trades earlier in the month.

    The platforms were definitely running. It could have been high spreads at the time – thats’ the only thing I could see in the log files.

  2. Hi Richard,

    I was using Megadroid previously on my broker account GVF and FxPrimus running on VPS hosted by burstnet. Unfortunately my account have not bee making money and burstnet close down about 2 years back.

    Thought of continuing with this EA again, any reliable and affordable VPS to recommend ?

  3. I personally don’t use a VPS for Megadroid (I just use my spare home computer), but I do use VPS’s for other forms of trading.

    CNS (New York), are pretty good. I’ve had several VPS’s over the years – no real bad experiences with any of them TBH, but my CNS server has been the most reliable, and definitely has the best support. Having a NY server is good because many of the financial data centres are in that region.

    You might be able to find something a bit cheaper, but make sure you research them well, because often the cheaper price means less reliability and poor quality support.

    I’d never use a VPS recommended by or associated with a broker though.

  4. It’s just an old windows XP laptop, lid closed, connected to the home network. Pretty much runs 24/7, doing Megadroid plus other stuff. I connect to it with RDC like I would a VPS.

    I was running Megadroid on a VPS for a while, but didn’t notice any improvement in trade performance despite the lower latency.

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