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Megadroid Results: Thur 19th Mar 2015 — 19 Comments

  1. On both Activtrades and Hotforex had 2 trades closed with a loss of about pips, but in overall gain on money since the second trade was 1.5 bigger than the firt tnx to the averaging function

  2. Answers.

    1.No margin call at two accounts, other EAs working.
    2.“DollarAveraging” – “false”, Recovery – “false”.


  3. Magadroid needs to be used on a good broker with tight EU spreads
    As fr night scalpers currently on the market there are only 3 working decently and one of them is Megadoid (maybe is also the best one also if the cheaper)
    Other night scalper also works OK only on 2-3 brokers, while D seems to work good on all good ECN / STP brokers

  4. Dear traders…

    I open cent account w option 0.01 lot and try to follow trade w this bot but only two option:

    Agressive – false.
    Secure profit – true.

    Hope it will be good, min. risk, min. profit.

    Results will be in comments.


  5. I think the difference in results is because I have DollarAveraging set to “true”, and Megadroid closed out both trades when the net total was about break-even.

    If DollarAveraging was set to false, only the first trade would have been placed, and because the first trade never got to break-even, Megadroid would have closed it at the 12 hour mark.

  6. I use aggressive=true
    Dollar averaging= true
    Secure profit= false

    At the moment MD seems to be the bettr night scalper. Using also another one, but is very broker dependent, less profitable (and much more expensive)
    Very satisfied so far

  7. I have two keys, for one my set, for second Carmine and Richard set.

    I use aggressive=true
    Dollar averaging= true
    Secure profit= false

    I want to compare.

    Regards and thanks…

  8. Hi Richard,

    It appears that you are running MD on Oanda’s “GMT+2 Live” server. I noticed that Oanda currently offers two live servers:“GMT+2 Live” and “GMT-5 Live” servers, though.

    Any reason for using “GMT+2 Live” server, rather than “GMT-5 Live”, please? Would there be any difference one way or another, trading MD on GMT-5 vs GMT+2 server?

  9. Hi Michael,

    My Oanda server clock is actually set to NY Time i.e currently GMT-4.

    The MT4 server name is “OANDA-GMT-5 Live”, but that’s because NY time is GMT-5 for non Day Light Savings Time. The actual clock switched to GMT-4 a week or so ago.

    Assuming the trades get routed through the same trade processing queue at Oanda’s server, there shouldn’t be any significant difference in trade execution.

    I think Oanda offer different GMT’s to accommodate traders who use daily and 4 hourly bars for their trading.

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