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Megadroid Results: Wed 1st Apr 2015 — 7 Comments

  1. are there any other EA that is a good or better than megadroid ? Tried FxStream but dont seem to work. Small TP and SL is 9X. Result. Losing big time.

  2. hi, richard

    my MD trading disbled, MD msg “Trading has been temporarily disbled due to dangerous market conditions. to ignore this warning set “RemoteSafetyMode” input to “false”.
    i`m using axitrader broker, are you broker also like this? how to fix?


  3. Hi Han,

    That’s normal operation for RemoteSafetyMode (RSM).

    When that feature is set to true, Megadroid will be prevented from trading on days that are deemed to be “too risky”. These are usually days when there are FOMC statements or minutes, but also on public holidays when the volume is light.

    I personally have RSM set to true i.e. enabled. So like you I didn’t get any trades today.

    You can disable RSM if you want. You might get more trades, but you’ll also have a greater chance of a large loss.

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