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Megadroid Results: Thur 25th June 2015 — 16 Comments

  1. I trade the Euro and US sessions everyday, and TBH I haven’t noticed anything that “dangerous” in terms of volatility.

    I think everyone’s spooked after what happened with the SNB in January.

    Having said that some of my worst Megadroid losses have been in June to July (i.e. US / Europe summer time), so disabling trading now might not be a bad thing.

  2. Hi Chuksoba,

    You can disable Remote Safety Mode (RSM) if you really want to. Megadroid will then trade regardless of the market conditions.

    This will give you more trades, but there is a higher chance of a large loss if you do that.

    Personally I’m keeping RSM enabled on my accounts.

  3. @Richard: I certainly agree with you guys now on RSM being enabled after seeing that result. I now understand why megadroid team doesn’t want to take any chances in this Greece economic crisis. I am leaving it enabled for as long as the team advises.

  4. Nothing’s certain though. We can still get a large loss even with RSM enabled. It’s just that we have a lower probability with it enabled.

    For those new to Megadroid, I strongly advise you to look through my past results, particularly the losses!

    Just remember, that while Megadroid’s losses are infrequent, when they happen they’re big, and they generally take several months to recover from. So make sure you can endure a 100-150 pip loss.

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