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Megadroid Results: Thur 24th Sep 2015 — 54 Comments

  1. Lots of open trades still.

    And a lot of variation between accounts. Some of my accounts (e.g. Axitrader) closed multiple small wins, others didn’t. Some accounts have more open positions than others.

    My floating positions are somewhere between -40 and -80 pips total on each account as I write this.

    Worse case, the EURUSD continues to fall, and I’ll lose 100+ pips. Best case the EURUSD goes back up and I close out with a decent profit.

    Just a waiting game now.

    I’ll update my results as the trades close out.

  2. Same situation. I close two position manually in order to save deposit.

    W 0.2 risk EA open 4 position w same lot, Why?

    Very very strange situation, see at first.

  3. All people here: Do you will let run the Trades or close it manually before the German Buba President Weidmann speech at 09:00 o clock?

  4. Thanks for feedback!

    @Stanislav: Remote Safety Mode (RSM) work! But the thing is: the Developers doesnt deactivate the EA. The developers can deactive the EA with the RSM feature, but they doesnt do that.

  5. So for my opinion: the website doesnt say the true. I have a risk from 0.15 and the website say with a risk from 0.1 to 0.7 there is a max drawdown from 17% but i have much more drawdown now!

  6. FXCM
    4 win trades with total of 34.3 pips.
    4 open losing trades.Lost almost 18% of account.

    Ridiculous trades as there are FED speech as well as ECB speech today. Megadroid just open buy positions on the falling trend, with ultra huge SL and minute TP.

  7. ECB Speech at 9 am GMT. If they continue to have QE then EUR will plummet. Market already started to show some volatility. I suggest just close all the opened trade to save loss.
    I have closed to 18% of drawdown today and now I understand why there are some negative feedbacks on this EA on various websites.
    Despite they have a RSM settings but they forgot to turn it on obviously. And their strategy with unreal SL, very small TP (<10 pips) and very inconsistent trades makes this EA blow your account easily if human error like this happened.
    Now we have to manually remove this EA whenever there is FED speech or whatever just in case the MEGADROID team forgot to turn RSM on which is likely to happen again.

  8. 24 Sep it was a service on data centre, I call to London +4423032868690, man said all is ok.

    After this i turn on EA… Site of megadroid start work after 10 minutes.

  9. Paul

    I saw, site megadroid not worked at 24.09 1.15pm, than I called to London, asked, what about site and EA, answer was all is ok.

    After this i turn on EA.

  10. From what I can interpret, the EA should be turned off through RSM because there are FED speech and ECB as well. So the strategy the EA applied sell at the relative top and closed short after, but the buy position is the EA trying to predict if the trend is correcting itself, since you can see it is on bull trend on H1 chart.
    Unfortunately, the downward trend is due to Yellen’s speech and the buying positions that are suppose to test the reversal became a horrible loss as MegaDroid has huge SL.
    At the point of time I posted this, EUR/USD shows more down trend strength. I am relief I closed my opened losing trades earlier.
    I will continue to test this EA but will switch it off manually if there’s FED/ECB speech again.

  11. Just going through the wreckage. Looks like some of my accounts got a 170 pip loss!

    Interestingly the AxiTrader and GO Markets accounts got a few extra profit trades, which made the loss less.

    Not a great day.

  12. Just September profit gone would be ok – mine is the last few months , still in profit overall though , my capital is still intact. Still very puzzled why the remote safety was not used – this has been used very much over the last few months , I am not a diary watcher but surely today’s events would warrant rsm usage.

  13. Yep, this one was avoidable. Yellen’s speech was scheduled and was a high impact event and occurred right in the middle of the Megadroid trading session.

    I think I’ll check the forex news calendar myself from now on, to avoid this happening again.

    You can’t avoid surprise events, but scheduled ones you can.

  14. This is my 1st month of using EA and hit this jackpot…I really feel like want to terminate this account and asked for money back because it wipe out 18% of my account (Risk level: 0.20 as recommended).
    This disaster is more on the human error (MD team didn’t turn on RSM) which is harder for me to accept. Neverthless I will continue to monitor the progress as the past record are ok even though not fantastic.

  15. Richard – I think I will start using Forex Factory calendar again , probably be worth us posting on here if we think it’s a higher risk day .

  16. Very bad! I had 4 trades (ActivTrades), risk level as recommended by MegaDroid team 0.2, total loss in pips -284.6, -40% from my total account. All my profits from all the other trading strategies is just gone. I will stop using this EA, since there is no point of risking your entire account for just few pips per month. Thank you MegaDroid!!!

    Broker: JFD Brocker

    Trade 1: -76.1 pips
    Trade 2: -62.2 pips
    Trade 3: -62.0 pips
    Trade 4: -47.8 pips
    Total: -248.1 pips

    🙁 -16.58 % of my Equity. First month i use this ea… Bad Performance 😛 Fortunately i have a ea how did ~13% + this month 🙂

  18. Hi Robbo,

    Richard – I think I will start using Forex Factory calendar again , probably be worth us posting on here if we think it’s a higher risk day .

    That’s a good idea, especially after what happened today!

    I’ve actually had experience with several large Megadroid losses in the past. Sometimes there’s no news causing a large unexpected move, and sometimes there’s an unscheduled news announcement. So those situations are unavoidable.

  19. S1 Buy: 22:01:21 1.12169 -> 08:38:56 1.11328 pips = -84.1
    S1 Buy: 22:15:02 1.12017 -> 08:22:22 1.11397 pips = -62.0
    S1 Buy: 22:01:07 1.12104 -> 22:03:06 1.12212 pips = 10.8
    S1 Buy: 22:01:07 1.12104 -> 22:01:14 1.12192 pips = 8.8

    Not a great day. 🙁

  20. Alpari: -90 pips.
    ATC: -80 pips.

    I got the answer from MD team:
    “There were some technical issues with RSM system. The trading should have been turned off for this session. Probably for some users RSM did not worked this day.
    We tuned and fixed everything now.”

    What can I add, shity day!

  21. MD doesn’t trade everyday and the very day that RSM doesn’t work it traded and hit FED speech. Ouch we should be very careful with major news release now.

  22. @Bobo

    I had subscriptions from MD team. Instead a news that they have tech problem they sent spam about binary options and others. And during phone talk they said that all is good.

    It’s good? Thousands of traders lost big money.

  23. With “NFA” set to “false”, MD entered DollarAveraging (1.5x) trades alright on FXCM, MB Trading and Oanda, as it should. MD found the worst day to do so for the first time, however. Well, what can I say?

  24. Since October 2012 (the last big loss of MD) it did job well, almost 3 years of profit trade without any loss, but it was predictably that happiness can’t be forever.

  25. There will be FOMC speech coming and I have not seen MD activate its RSM, I advised everyone to CLOSE their MT4 to prevent same problem to occur again!

  26. Answer from MD team.

    Hi Stanislav,
    Thank you for contacting us.

    We’re very sorry to hear you have had losing trades.
    The losing trades by MD were taken as a consequence of an extremely complicated situation in the currency exchange market which is took place due to recent Fed news . The MD development team is carrying out a task of adjusting the EA to the current market conditions. However, similar situations have occured in the past and MD has always come out a winner of them. The Megadroid system is adjusted to work during an extensive period of time and remains the most stable EA on the market.

    We hope this response has sufficiently answered your question(s). If not, please DO NOT send another email. Instead, reply to this email or log in to the support ticket system for a complete archive of all your support requests and responses.

  27. Stanislav, it’s a standard request on such situation, especially “We’re very sorry to hear you have had losing trades”. They are just like a seller in Mc Donalds, no responsibility, no regret.(sovetuju torgovat drugoi sovoi, ya MD v 2012m poteryal ne malo deneg,mogesh pomonitorit resultati na myfxbook forexgermany).

  28. Hi Dave,

    Dollar averaging results in more trades and so the maximum pip loss will be about double what it would be without this feature enabled. So you’d need to adjust your lot size accordingly.

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