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Megadroid Results: Mon 23rd Nov 2015 — 16 Comments

  1. Roboforex : 4.2 Pips S2 Sell
    XM : 2.7 Pips S2 Sell
    IC Markets: 2.9 Pips S2 Sell
    MAX FX : 3.0 Pips S2 Sell

    (Unfortunateley the megadroidpips ea does nor work, because it doesn’t care about magic no and shows a lot of other transactions on the account. Sometimes it does, most time it shows 10 or 20 transactions not from Megadroid and made with different magic no 🙁
    Is there a source code for me that to adapt ?)

  2. Richard is right and terms change very fast. Be aware texts in forex software and written text. When reeading ‘Spread 16 pips’ it means old 1.6 Pips. In some years old four digit slang will be disappeared.

  3. Hi Tim,

    Richard, with how many stop loss points you have configured the EA?

    The stop-loss isn’t fixed. Megadroid calculates it based on the recent trading range. From what I’ve seen it varies from 50 pips to 100 pips

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