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Megadroid Results: Tues 26th Jan 2016 — 16 Comments

  1. hi richard your ea working fine right now? i have error display
    Authentication failed -error (69632)
    Error : Authorisation decline

    u know how to fix this error?

  2. Megadroid is very careful look like, EURUSD is in a range very dangerous/nrvous since weeks, even over night prise might rise or fall somme 50 pips or more.

  3. I recognizeed all my licenses do not work anymore. i opened a ticket with megadroid. The error says “license declined (4096) gmttime() you should use t:”
    It’s on all brokers/accounts Anyone experiencing the same error ?

  4. Thorsten,

    I am getting the same problem with my copies over multiple brokers (FXCM and forex.com).

    I also filed a support ticket with MegaDroid.

    I will post any response I receive from them. Can you also post what you get from them as well?

  5. I guess the megadroid code is quite aged and the compatibility (of the dll file) is not full given anymore. We had 3 – 6 months non working volatiltiy factor and other expert advisors (support was really bad) last year by outaged bound betwork libararies. Needede Libraries might change by microsoft, they do updates every few weeks. Probably a simple update of network libraries on client side can cause such “sudden” problems even MT4 and expert advisor is not changed. It’s a complexe global world 😮

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