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Megadroid Results: Mon 11th July 2016 — 5 Comments

  1. Hello

    I do not have those trades, instead I have two trades

    2016,07,05 00:46:19 BUY 0,04 1,11500 2016,07,05 10:15:14 1,11419 -0,00081
    2016,07,05 03:445:03 BUY 0,06 1,11358 2016,07,05 10:15:14 1,11419 0,00061

    Any one else, has this operation. I wonder why It did not trade the 11TH

  2. Hi Jose,

    Remember, only 2 of my 7 accounts got a trade on the 11th. So I guess it was a borderline trade signal.

    With Megadroid sometimes I find there’s days when every account gets the same trade, and on other occasions only 1 or 2 accounts get a trade.

  3. Hi Richard Joined Megadroid 2 weeks ago have not had any trades I note you did not have many either My friend tells me it is a sham as a member he gets emails from Megadroid which tell him he has 100k in his a/c he applied for the return of funds only to be redirected to another Money Website Your thoughts would be appreciated

  4. Never received any emails like that personally, but if I did it would have probably got blocked by my email accounts spam filter. Are you 100% sure it was really sent from Megadroid, or from someone claiming they were Megadroid? My spam filter is overflowing with similar emails from people claiming they’re from a bank, or major business like Apple, Paypal etc. It’s just trick they do. Sounds like a classic spam email. Just mark the email as spam and don’t open the email if you ever receive one.

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