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Megadroid Results: Thur 13th Oct 2016 — 20 Comments

  1. Hi yes my Megadroid got in at the same price. It split it into 2 trades.

    trade part 1 made 8.8 pips! And the trade p2 5 pips πŸ™‚

    Nay bad nay bad.

    Looking forward to a profitable end of the year πŸ™‚

    Megadroid seems to be like marmite these days. I certainly don’t hate it!

  2. Hi Richard, impressed by your perseverance. I haven’t been using MD for a long time now, but looking at your results, the profits seem quite steady. I’m just curious what roughly your monthly average is (over a year)? Thanks!

  3. I have noticed that I had more trades than posted here. Below are the trades I had for October and November:

    Open Time Type Item Price Close Time Price Profit(pips)
    2016.10.10 21:35:18 sell eurusdpro 1.11401 2016.10.10 23:03:07 1.11400 0.1
    2016.10.13 21:02:43 sell eurusdpro 1.10567 2016.10.14 00:02:45 1.10455 11.2
    2016.10.26 21:54:30 sell eurusdpro 1.09097 2016.10.27 01:04:20 1.09020 7.7
    2016.11.16 22:03:36 sell eurusdpro 1.06911 2016.11.17 06:37:44 1.06875 3.6
    2016.11.16 23:19:23 sell eurusdpro 1.07045 2016.11.17 06:37:54 1.06858 18.7
    2016.11.22 22:41:49 sell eurusdpro 1.06295 2016.11.23 08:01:58 1.06214 8.1

    I was able to get a smaller than retail customer spread through my IB. The spread on EURUSD is 1.1 pips. I think this might be the reason I am getting more trades. I also get a small rebate from this IB.

    I am in US. So my choice of brokers are very limited. The broker I am using is Gain Capital (forex.com). If anyone is interested, I can help to get connected with my IB.

  4. Richard has gone quiet recently.

    He must have had some trades on his accounts as he has MD spread over many brokers.

    I have had only 2 maybe 3 trades on standard MD since his last trade but he should have had them too.

    Well done Jamie keep up the good work! I am currently trialing multiple time setups on MD so far so good however I want to see what happens when the inevitable happens which is a loss and how it recovers. Been running it since around June July time and up 37% on the account so far.

    Jamie are those pips profit or $ profit? I presume $ profit. You have lots of trades for just the standard MD so well done! Gain Capital must be one of the better fx brokers for MD.



  5. Hi Jono,

    Can you shed more lights on “multiple time setups on MD”? 37% gain in two months is very impressive. What kind of leverage do you use? In US, I only have 1:50 leverage. Would like to learn how you do it.

    The profits in my trades are PIPs. I am using MD for entries only and manually exiting so that I don’t get break even exiting so often.


  6. Hi Jamie,

    Yeah sure. RIchard has tried it before. It is where you manually change the GMT OFFSET so MD trades at different times. I will use the AUTO GMT OFFSET as a point of reference and for this example call it “MD Standard”

    I have MD Standard -1, MD Standard, MD Standard +1 and MD Standard +2.

    I find they have the best results. The others were affected by the earlier and later market fluctuations too much.

    I use 1:100 leverage with Oanda on a spreadbet account to avoid being taxed.

    The 37% gain is in about 4 months which is still good. I wish it was in 2 months!

    Made just over 2% tonight (01/12/2016). Did you get any trades?

    My risk is high at the moment whilst i’m testing the setups. I am going to lower the risk soon to avoid large losses destroying my account. At the moment a few big losses would bring my balance too low to recover to it’s current levels. As MD has such a high win rate it is sometimes months or a year before a large loss hits.

    On standard risk level 0.2 it has always recovered. I am happy to run at a higher risk. Now I am going to spread the risk over more trades.

    I will keep you updated. Go to this thread / forum. It is where I post my performance and talk about MD: http://www.donnaforex.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=970e7b9dba78c35785f1c0af11f70a0f&topic=1170.5096

    My name is: Trade It Easy on the forum.

    Please join in it is a great trading community πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Jono,

    Thanks for the detailed explanation.
    I am still not sure which setting generates the best result for you?
    What risk level you are using? I found .35 is the optimal level for my type of trade since I monitor the trade very tightly and manually exit.
    No. I did not get any trade today.

    Yes, I will check out the forum you recommended.


  8. I am also in the U.S. You got me interested in using Gain Capital (forex.com). Can you please tell me how to connect with you IB?

  9. Not sure if Richard has any rule against providing IB info here. If you give me your email address, I can send it to you privately.


  10. Hello, just wondering if some of you can kindly help with this:
    since a while I’m not getting any trade with MD (while I see the results posted here).
    Checking the log files, I noticed that MD is indeed trying to open the trades but they are not because of an error “trading is disalbled” on MT4.
    Does anyone have a clue or suggestion how to handle it?

    Thanks a lot and have nice trading!

  11. Hi Jamie,

    You’re welcome always happy to help and answer any questions.

    Always happy to share my success too!

    I was using a risk level of 0.69 per chart (this is very high risk). I only hit 1 significant loss which was rapidly recovered and some! My account is up over 51% today. Had another trade last night. It made around 1.5%.

    As of yesterday I lowered my risk to a fixed amount because if more than 1 chart hit a loss it would destroy my account. 0.69 started as a test and ended up lasting 5 months so I feel it is the right time to lower it to a “safer” level.

    I am trading at a fixed lot of 0.17 across 4 charts. This will increase again once the account is above Β£500. I will increase the fixed lots every Β£50.

    It means my profits will be less however I want to protect my account from a high risk of ruin and looking to increase the account size to accommodate the lower risk / lower % in return.

    Once I am happy with the account size Β£ I am going to withdraw 50% of monthly profits and leave 50% in to compound.



  12. Hi Chris,

    Thank you. The findings are interesting so far. Of course it is early days as I am sure some years are much better than others.

    My best performing chart is MD Standard+2 which is the Auto GMT Offset manually set to trade 2 hrs later. They all over lap. The next best performing is +1 then -1 and in last place the normal MD chart.

    The standard MD chart will likely be the safest as per it’s historic performance has proved.

    I had some good trades tonight (12:45am UK time) on MD+1 and MD+2. I had 2 of the trades hit 10+ pips which is great. I have 1 trade still open.

    Are you running MD at the moment Chris?



  13. Hi Jono! Yes I running it for 1 week now and hit really good. use -1.
    Have 3 night with 2 trade same time so far and all is win.
    Going to use more than one now and try +2. I also have normal +2 with Auto.


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