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Megadroid Results: Thur 15th July 2010 — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for posting your results. I used your daily updates to input your results into my spreadsheet, giving me 22 accounts (live and demo) to analyze. I left off the forex.com and axitrader results since those accounts are so new.

    Your results fall in line with what I’ve seen elsewhere, except that your average win to average loss ratio is a bit better (as measured in pips).

    Losers average 3.87 times the size of winners (31.96 pips vs 8.26 pips). 91.2% of trades are winners. Alpari UK and Go Markets drag that stat down from 93.7%.

    Any idea why MB Trading has such a low hit rate? Only 72% winners, way out of line with everyone else.

    • An awesome effort Dr zeus! Those stats are pretty much in line with what I expected. With the average size of the losses being around 4 times the size of the wins, it’s essential the keep the win rate above 90% for this strategy to be profitable. Perhaps I should start including some stats in my posted results. Those type of metrics could be very useful to gauge performance throughout the year.

      My poor MB Trading performance this year is a mystery to me. The account was setup in June 2009 – I was one of the beta-testers. Up until around Jan 2010 it was actually my best performing Megadroid account. Early in January there were some “technical issues” with the account. e.g EA trades hanging. MB support were involved. Ever since then the performance has been ordinary. I seem to be getting excessive slippage and trade rejects on that account. I’m not sure if there’s something wrong with that specific account, or if there’s some other factor. I haven’t changed the EA settings, and it’s running on the same computer.

      What I might do is completely reinstall the MT4 platform for that account and see if that improves things. In addition I’ll open a brand new MB Trading MT4 account, and start using that instead. Hopefully that’ll bring my results in line with what others are getting at MB Trading.

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