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Megadroid and the FOMC Statement — 4 Comments

  1. Hi asif,

    It should be fine. I’m only using the Alpari micro and classic accounts at this stage, but from what I’ve heard people are doing well with the pro accounts. The pro accounts are meant to have tighter spreads and better order execution, although I haven’t verified this personally. They require a 20k minimum deposit though. I might open one at some point and try them out.

  2. Encouraged by your decision to trade as normal, I let MD v1.30 do the things on the FOMC day. I got a buy trade on one of my four accounts trading MD. Trades details are as follows:

    FXDD buy at 00:44 @ 1.3178, close at 01:53 @ 1.3185 for 7.0 pips

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